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11/07/07 Nothing planned November 7, 2007

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I have not planned a single thing for this week, especially dinner. I got lucky on Monday and Tuesday. Thomas suggested KFC on Monday then we went to Costco yesterday and had hotdogs. Christopher loves hotdogs. We’re going to eventually have to get him one of his own. If it is meat he likes (like sausage or hotdogs) then he will devour it! I think dinner will be expected tonight. And I know it will be expected for Thursday – Monday because we have the boys. I think we have two of the days covered because we have ravioli and chicken pasta from Costco. So that leaves tonight and three nights with the boys. I have a vague memory of a piece of pork tenderloin in the freezer, but I can never find anything in that stupid thing. I read on someone’s blog that I could make soup in the crock pot. That would be cool. I need to use it more often. It is such a cool tool (no rhyme intended).

So on a totally non-related topic … my family is falling apart. My mom keeps calling me with dreadful things. Sunday she called me to tell me my uncle (her oldest sister’s husband) died on Saturday. Now I know he wasn’t in the best of health. He had been battling multiple myeloma cancer for years, but that’s not what killed him. A couple of months ago he’d been out on the ranch doing ranching things and fell, got hit by a meteor, or something like that. He couldn’t move for two days, so he was out in the heat, and my cousin found him. He was badly dehydrated and his foot was mangled. But he managed to recover from the dehydration (his kidneys were in question) and they had done a huge repair job on his foot. He was supposed to be moved from the hospital to a rehab facility but he died the day before the move … from a blood clot no less. Jesus, he survives all of this to be killed by something the size of a lentil (or are they even smaller than that?)

Then my mom calls me last night to tell me that my aunt (her older sister) had a heart attack a couple of months ago and will be having a lumpectomy next week because they discovered breast cancer. So they’ll be doing chemo/radiation along with heart rehab on her. The real bummer for me is that she lives on the east coast so the chances of any of us seeing her is fairly small. And there’s no way she’ll move back to the west coast.

My other aunt (my dad’s sister) is in her 80’s and so far no bad news from that side of the family (knock on wood).