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12/17/07 It’s Monday and I should be sleeping December 17, 2007

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Since it’s 4am, it is technically Monday and I really should be sleeping. But that’s the thing about insomnia, it doesn’t care that it’s 4am. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and put some of Christopher’s toys away. But what does one do at 4am that doesn’t make noise? All of my magazines are upstairs, next to the bed. There is nothing on TV, trust me!

I made 7 Christmas cards this weekend, woohoo! I even corralled Thomas long enough to dictate his portion of our family newsletter. Double woohoo! Now all I need is for the boys to be here (not catching up on a month’s worth of homework) to tell me what they consider was important in the last year. Then maybe I can print the newsletter and send out cards!

I tried making cookies this week but they were horrid. I got the recipe from one of the 12 days of cookie recipes I get every year from Food TV. They sounded really good … chocolate sandy shortbread sort of cookies. They were a pain in the butt to make and didn’t taste very good either. So I’m going to try Alton Brown’s sugar cookie recipe next. I tried the sugar cookie recipe that comes with the big holiday Wilton cookie cutters and it wasn’t very sugary. It was nice to me because I don’t like really sweet cookies, but when the goal is sugar cookies you really expect something that tastes sugary.