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12/29/07 After all that, no envelopes December 29, 2007

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I managed to make some christmas cards this year and no one will see them … I can’t find any envelopes. They’re in a box in this office somewhere, but I don’t know where. So when you get a store bought card, don’t think I slighted you … everyone got them. Apparently I have 6 boxes of them. We got them for 90% off at a department store’s going out of business sale. But they’re all signed and stuffed with the family newsletter. Now all I have to do is seal them and take them to the post office to get postage. I think I can do the first part later today and the second part on Monday. They WILL have a 2007 postmark!!!

Well, Thomas is going back to the doctor this afternoon. After three days of muscle relaxants and pain killers he is not much better. One of us needs to be shot to be put out of our misery.

Last night mom and Mary brought over Christopher’s iMac (his christmas present from Grammy) and he just loved it without it even being on. I need to find a place for it and get him a wireless internet thingy. We may have another free port on the router, but we don’t have any place to run the cable. Mary made desktop shortcuts for some age appropriate websites for him. I also am going to put a bunch of pictures on it so he can just have a rotating slide show. He loves pictures of himself and the family.

I need a cookie …


4 Responses to “12/29/07 After all that, no envelopes”

  1. Julie Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Thomas isn’t any better. Geez, neither is my mom. What did these two DO to themselves??
    Wow, a computer at 2 years old!

  2. MaestraHaven Says:

    i would like to suggest a homeopathic remedy for pain called Traumeel. My Thom had a bout with back pain (from trying to lift my 8 year old nephew), and that stuff works like a charm. It is said to be safe to be used by all (including pregnant moms), and doesn’t interact with other meds. I am using it now on my hands and ankles for my arthritis, and it is really amazing. Thom’s back felt better with it rubbed in, and even his mother’s knees worked better because of it. You can get it at Whole Foods, or on line. Amazing stuff!!! I swear by it!

  3. Mary H Says:

    I’ve used Tramumeel on bruises and after my car accident. It did help. Carolyn also put in on some soccer injuries. I bet Market of Choice carries it too.

    It was a lot of fun setting up the computer for Christopher. It’s an older iMac from Next Step Recycling. The only items on his dock are links to websites for Sesame St, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and The hardest part was finding good icons to use for the links!

    Liz, it should take any USB wireless adapter and there are an additional ports on the back of the keyboard. That’s a good place to plug in the mouse.

    I’ll bring over a copy of Kid Pix for it. I also have a few of your magazines & a couple of books that belong to you.

    Julie, I started my eldest on the computer at 8 months or so. For a long time, she believed the only purpose of a computer was to play with Sesame St characters! The first time I printed a picture she made of Big Bird, she was amazed. Hmm, now that I think of it, she’s 21 now and STILL thinks computers are for playing!

  4. Liz Says:

    The doctor didn’t find anything conclusive. Most of his pain is now concentrated in his right lower quadrant. But it’s not presenting like apendicitis so she is taking a “wait and see” approach. His tests are normal too, so she really doesn’t have anything but his pain to go on. She may do a CT on Monday.

    I will see if Market of Choice has Tramulelelelele (too many vowels!)

    Julie, Christopher got a recycled computer. We have this wonderful place that Mary mentioned. You can take anything electronic there and if they can’t refurbish it and sell it in their store, they will strip it to its component parts and recycle everything.

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