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12/31/07 It’s already 2008 in Australia December 31, 2007

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That’s what I learned when I checked the news at earlier this morning. Sheesh, I hadn’t even finished my cup of Dutch Bros decaf Cafe Aulait (sp?) and they’re already into next year. So happy 2008 Australia!

We woke up to ice this morning. That’s what happens when the temperature drops below freezing before 10pm and is still there at 8am. It wasn’t too bad for me, I just drove the long-ass way to work and never went above 25mph. Despite the fact that I’ve been a pansy driving here for the last 5 years it occurs to me that I used to drive in hideous weather. I spent 15 years traveling in the winter (why did I always have go to Florida in August?) and driving in snow and ice from November through March. Amy (if she’s watching) can vouch for me! I spent a lot of time in the VA/DC area during the winter. I think I went shopping with her the weekend after Thanksgiving when RJ was freshly hatched. I’ve driving through a snow storm in New Hampshire and spent two weeks driving in February weather in Chicago. So what’s my problem here? I don’t know, so I sucked it up and drove to work … and I got here in one piece. I remembered to let momentum pull me through a turn (rather than skid through one) and to pump my brakes if it got a little slick (only happened once). I’m a big girl now!

I think I forgot to post that the results from my 12 hour, glucose drinking, 4 needle stick, bloodletting session indicate that I have mild gestational diabetes. So I get to go to the Centre for Healthy Living and be counseled this afternoon. Then on Friday I see a genetics counselor. And on Monday I have my monthly appoint with the OB. Somebody stick a fork in me to see if I’m done! I really hate all of this crap. Women have been having babies for centuries without all of this fall-der-all.