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01/02/08 The kid space time continuum … January 3, 2008

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I ganked this from someone’s post on fanpop

“Here’s a simple formula that few without kids know: the amount of time that you have to stay home and look after the kids, X, while already large with one child, increases exponentially by the number of children, Y. Thus, as there are more kids in a family, the time required soon surpasses the number of hours in a day. This explains why families with more than a few kids vanish from social situations for months at a time: they are actually in a fold of space/time, living a single day of looking after their kids! They emerge for major holidays, blinking in surprise that it’s a different season, unsure how much time has passed or what year it is.”

Since we already have 3 kids and are expecting a 4th, I guess we’ll just disappear off of the face of the earth until, say … Labor Day.