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01/04/08 – B Baby Update January 4, 2008

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So I have been poking my finger 4 times a day and taking my blood sugar readings all week. This morning I found out that I have to take medication every day too. Sarah is about a pound over weight (2 weeks ahead of schedule) and has twice as much amniotic fluid as she should (because of excess peeing). So I will be e-mailing the doctor my blood sugar readings and food diary twice a week and he will be monitoring things. I have a regular doctor’s appointment on Monday and another one with the specialist two weeks from Monday. Needless to say this baby will be big and early.

I’ve got the mechanics down, but I really don’t know what this all means. From what the dietician told me on Monday, Sarah is getting too much insulin from me. I am hoping that once she is born that she will produce a normal amount and be ok.

Sarah was not very cooperative during the ultrasound. She always had her arm and hand in front of her face so the ultrasound tech could not get a good picture of her face. So I have feet and arm pictures. Stubborn child! I wonder where she gets that!