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01/06/08 The boys are having fun and a morning of barf January 6, 2008

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From the score it looks like Jonah is giving his dad a whipping!

As for the barf, that was Christopher not me. Thankfully he didn’t have anything in his stomach this morning so. Now that it’s after 11am, it seems as if he is over it and he’s (crossing fingers and knocking wood) keeping down some cheerios. I just love having to deal with this stuff on my own … not!

So we’ve been hanging out watching a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine and other things on the Disney channel. I think my brain is turning to jello.

The good news is it seems as if the diabetes medicine is working because my blood sugar has been within acceptable tolerances since I started taking it. I was told this will change and I will need more medicine as the pregnancy progresses.

Mary came over last night and I made us a nice healthy stir fry dinner. I had plans on making it anyway but a lot of times when it comes to cooking just for me I’ll just eat soup or salad. This was nice to have her visit and then have a good meal too! Thanks Mary! Speaking of soup … that’s what I’m having for lunch.