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01/10/08 Presents from Disneyland January 10, 2008

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A little boy is made happy by the return of his daddy and brothers, and a set of very cool mouse ears!!! I had Thomas buy Sarah a Minnie Mouse ring that she won’t be able to wear for 5 years, but I wanted her to have something. I was surprised with a beautiful double heart ring (I suppose I’ll have to take a picture some time) and also got the long sleeved Minnie shirt that I asked for. I also got a nice polar fleece jacket too. Thomas got the family a Mickey and Minnie Christmas tree skirt to cover the lovely garbage bag that goes under the tree stand. Gotta love 50% off Christmas sales, even at Disneyland!

Jonah and Micah got spending money from my mom for Christmas so they had a grand time being consumers at Disneyland. Jonah spent it just about all for gifts for friends. Micah got important things like slime.

Thomas got a button and I don’t think he even had to pay for it. I couldn’t believe that’s all he got for himself. I may have to go on-line to the Disney store and get him something just so he can have a Disney item.