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01/16/08 I fell on my bum :-( January 16, 2008

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Ice is slippery, expecially ice that you can’t see. So I fell on my bum in our driveway. I spent yesterday laying on the sofa watching Food TV. Today a friend of mine gave me a fabulous idea … sit on Christopher’s boppy pillow (U shaped breastfeeding pillow). It’s not totally pain free but it’s a lot better than the pain of sitting! And I’m not going crazy watching TV. I can only really watch TV all day when I am in the haze of sickness, not when I could be doing a zillion other things like say … working!

I had a OB appointment after I fell so Sarah is ok. Her heartbeat is good and she was moving. I am going to my primary care doctor this afternoon just to make sure I am ok. I wouldn’t normally worry about it but given that I’m almost 8 months pregnant I figure I should take good care of the mama too.


3 Responses to “01/16/08 I fell on my bum :-(”

  1. Julie Says:

    I hope everything is okay!! Good thing these babies are well protected.

  2. Liz Says:

    Well, it’s Friday and I am still working at home. Sitting in the car is just too painful. I can sit on the Boppy pillow at my desk, but it doesn’t work on the sofa (it’s too tilted).

  3. ThomastheBrave Says:

    And she is still bumming. LOL ((Hugs))

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