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01/31/08 Ahhh!!! I’m as big as a house!!! January 31, 2008

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Ok, maybe not literally but really my belly is getting HUGE. Even my co-workers commented about it today. I feel like it takes a crane to just roll over in bed or get up off of the sofa.

Does anyone have any great ideas for dinner? I realise it’s quarter to 5 and I’m going home in 15 minutes but I have no clue what to make for two hungry teenagers, let alone Thomas and me. I’d be happy with hot dogs and salad. They’ll be with us until Tuesday morning so I could use ideas for Friday, Saturday, and Monday too.

My birthday is on Sunday. My mom is making tacos. I will be eating happily. If you’re in the Eugene area, come over at 5pm. There will be cake too … chocolate of course 🙂 My MIL insists on buying cakes from Safeway. I prefer making my own cake. I won this year!

We’ve been toying with buying a new vehicle. It needs to hold 6 people, two of whom are in car seats. It would be nice if the back could hold a real ice chest too (ie, I’d like a wee bit of storage). I absolutely DO NOT want a mini-van! The only problem is the SUV’s are gas hogs. And we get back to the brain pretzel from yesterday. I love Toyota’s. Thomas loves Ford’s. Do we buy American or Japanese? I’d like a hybrid but you can’t them them off road. If we replace Thomas’ vehicle it will NEED to go off road. Yet another decision I cannot make. I may drive my Camry until it implodes. I love my Camry.


4 Responses to “01/31/08 Ahhh!!! I’m as big as a house!!!”

  1. MaestraHaven Says:

    Try the Camry hybrid. I love my Prius. It easily seats 5 for sure…even 5 big people, but I think 6, with car seats, might be a bit much. If you can fit 6 in your Camry, go for that! You might also take a look at some of the hybrid trucks. One might work for you there.

  2. Julie E Says:

    Why not a mini van? I love mine. It seats seven, and has room for stuff in the back. It is great for carpooling, driving on field trips, and just stuff around town. I have a Pontiac Montana, which is being discontinued, but it gets about 20mpg, so I don’t feel like it’s too much of a hog.

    As far as dinner… Bob made pizza tonight, and tomorrow we’re having lamb.

  3. Liz Says:

    Lori, the Camry is too small, unfortunately. I would LOVE a Camry hybrid if it weren’t for the number of people thing.
    Julie – I hate mini-vans, plain and simple. We had pizza for dinner last night. Jonah volunteered to make dinner tonight.

  4. Julie Says:

    People tend to bag on both mini-vans AND SUVs, whether it’s due to gas mileage, being PC, or looks or whatever. We own an SUV because honestly I don’t see how we would get around with 2 dogs and 2 active, sports playing kids who have friends. Heck, we have that thing packed full even to go to a *cabin*!! And though I can’t dispute it’s a gas hog, since it seats 7 passengers we have ended up saving gas by being able to drive another entire family! Me personally, I prefer buzzing around town in my Grand Prix – but it’s nice to have a Surburban in the family.

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