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02/05/08 Baby Update #3 February 5, 2008

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What a completely f**ked up afternoon. So I get to the doctor’s office and he said that the news that Sarah’s lungs were mature enough was wrong and I couldn’t have the c-section until Monday. So they arrange all of that and I spend over an hour in the anesthesia clinic waiting for an overly chatty nurse to talk my ear off as she asks me the same questions as I’d just answered on the questionnaire. Then I talk to the anesthesiologist and finally I get to leave. I’m in line to get out of the garage and I see my OB leaving. I wave and he comes over and tells me that the specialist got the wrong information and Sarah’s lungs are mature enough and do I want to have her on Thursday. Heck yeah! So that’s the new plan. I will talk to him in the morning to get more information.


6 Responses to “02/05/08 Baby Update #3”

  1. Mary H Says:

    Let’s just hope that they don’t get things mixed up on Thursday!! I’ll be praying for you. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. MaestraHaven Says:

    Keep us all posted! I HAVE to get Sarah’s little things into the mail to you. Otherwise she will be on her way to college before I do! LOL.

  3. Julie Says:

    Uh…is it just me or is it a bit nerve-wracking that they keep getting the lungs thing mixed up? Dave’s dad was right – they PRACTICE medicine! Good luck & keep us posted!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Crossing fingers….waiting for the the birth announcement….Welcome Sarah!

  5. Julie E Says:

    What pins and needles! Good luck, we’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Sarah, take your time to be healthy, but hurry up! You’re mommy is ready to hold you in her arms and cuddle you face to face.

  6. hayley Says:

    Fingers are crossed and good thoughts are headed your way… good luck!

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