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02/07/08 Oh bother … February 7, 2008

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I hate being awake at 3:30 in the morning. I was hoping to get a good night’s sleep tonight but I suppose that’s out of the question. The alarm will go off in an hour and a half and then we’re off. I suppose it’s nice that they don’t make you go to the hospital the night before if they’re scheduling surgery. But having to be somewhere at 6:30am is kind of a bummer. Oh well. I’m all packed. I’ve gotten the house situated so that Thomas doesn’t have to worry about much. I never did get a new toner cartridge for my printer but that’s not a huge priority.

Thanks for all of your good wishes everyone!


5 Responses to “02/07/08 Oh bother …”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    Can’t wait til they post her pic!!

    Hope you recover easily and quickly Liz… can’t wait to see you too!
    Love ya!

  2. Julie Says:

    Gung Hay Fat Choy! Nice way to ring in the new lunar new year – with a new baby! I just talked to Liz, she sounded well, if a bit loopy. How did you do at Jeopardy?

  3. Julie Says:

    By the way, we both have daughters born in the Year of the Rat!

  4. ThomastheBrave Says:

    Well, I posted on my blog a picture of baby Sarah when I brought the boys home last night. Then I returned to stay with Liz and Sarah overnight. I covered all the feedings except the 2 am one because nurse, Shara, told me to get some rest and they would handle that one. Liz got to see her again this morning and started taking the feedings from 8 am on. I am home again now to get some sleep so this will be all for tonight. If you want to call Liz she is in Room 233 and has a direct line. Call our cells or e-mail me if you want that Ph#.

  5. Rhonda H Says:

    I keep checking that hospital link for new babies and haven’t seen Sarah yet — will have to wander over to your blog Thomas and take a peek!

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