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02/09/08 Greetings from the hospital! February 9, 2008

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Apparently they do have wi-fi at the hospital! And Jonah was nice enough to bring in his laptop for me to log on and post here.

Sarah is getting out of the NICU this afternoon. Her blood sugar is stable and they took her off of the IV a little while ago. Hopefully they’ll take my staples out tomorrow and I can go home.


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  1. Julie E Says:

    Congratulations Liz, I just saw Sarah’s picture on Thomas’ blog (the hospital site doesn’t have it yet). She’s beautiful! One great thing about not being squished through the birth canal, a perfectly round head.

    Take care of yourself, so Sarah can come home to a healthy family and strong mommy.

  2. Mary H Says:

    Hi, Liz
    You were looking and sounding quite well this afternoon. It will be great if you both can go home tomorrow.

    Sarah is quite the cutie and I can’t wait to get to hold her. She was sleeping sweetly when I saw her. She even moved her hand so I could get a look at her face. Her hair and nails are so long and yet so tiny.

  3. MaestraHaven Says:

    What was the problem with her blood sugar? I am glad it has stablized. I hope this isn’t a forebearer of future problems….And I agree, she is a real cutie!

  4. ThomastheBrave Says:

    Thanks. Sarah is not on the Hospital site yet because she had to visit the NICU for the first few days of life. (They do not take your picture when you are less then glam.) She is finally in Mom’s room tonight and I tucked them both in just before 9 and going home to write all of you. Sarah has a 9 am photo shoot and then hopes to be heading home if all goes well with Mom’s release. More to come tomorrow.

  5. Julie Says:

    Thanks for all the updates!

  6. Mary H Says:

    Sarah’s picture is up on the website, which means she did come out of the NICU! Her eyes are closed but it looks like she is smiling.

    Yeah! Way to go, Liz, Sarah, Thomas and the rest of the family.

  7. hayley Says:

    Congrats, Liz, she’s beautiful!

  8. Julie E Says:

    What a pretty baby. Congrats! Thanks Mary for posting the link again.

  9. ThomastheBrave Says:

    Thanks Mary and thanks all. The girls are home!!! Yes our little family is all under one roof for the night. Now lets see if any one can get some sleep. (LOL)

  10. Rhonda H Says:

    yay!! Glad to hear all is well.
    How is Christopher taking all this excitement and sudden lessening of attention?
    hugs to you all!

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