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02/11/08 Home at last! February 11, 2008

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Hey everyone! It is nice to be home! Sarah is currently sleeping and I am working until mom shows up with lunch. We took way better pictures of Sarah than the hospital did so I just need to get them off of the camera and upload them. This will happen one of these days 🙂

Sarah’s sugar levels are fine but she developed jaundice. She is using something called a biliruben light that goes in her clothes and rests on her skin. We have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon to see if this is helping. She eats, pees and poos a lot too. So pretty much a typical newborn in every respect.

I am doing as well as someone should who got fileted (what is the past tense of filet?) like a trout. I was more comfortable with the staples rather than the “stay strips” they used after they removed the staples. I am still not convinced my milk will come in but the lactation consultant said it could take up to 10 days. Thank goodness she has forumula or she’d be one hungry baby!

Christopher came home from grandma and grandpa’s yesterday afternoon. I think he was more out of sorts because he was gone for a few days than because of Sarah. Sarah slept mostly so he got a lot of our attention. I am sure this will change though. He was a little upset that Sarah was getting “his bed” downstairs. It’s the pack-n-play that he sleeps in at the grandparents. I had to tell him that he was sharing with his sister for right now. I have been trying to get him used to the idea of a “big boy” bed. He keeps saying “no” to that.


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  1. MaestraHaven Says:

    Ah the joys of sibling rivalry. LOL. My mom loves to tell the story of how I bit my sister, Beth’s, finger when she came home…Mom bit mine in return and supposedly I gave up biting after that. (grin) I really love other people’s babies! 🙂 I promise to get Sarah’s new sweater and blankie into the mail before week’s end!

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