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02/17/08 At the mercy of others … February 17, 2008

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Because I am not cleared to drive (and we don’t have a 2nd base for Sarah’s car seat), I am at the mercy of another to get around. Not that Thomas won’t take me some where, but he does work during the week. And he doesn’t always want to go where I want to go, however he has been most accomodating this weekend. It is frustrating that there are things I want to get done but can’t because I am basically housebound.

Even though we haven’t heard from the doctor about her blood test on Friday, it seems that Sarah is mostly over her jaundice. She’s been pooping neon yellow poo – and that’s good because that means she is excreeting the biliruben. And her colouring is much better.

Christopher is having a little trouble with the fact that mommy can’t pick him up so he gets up on the sofa and asks for lots of hugs. Thomas has been great with him. They played a “game” of stop-and-go to get Christopher responding to the word “stop”. I was in bed when they did it and it was so cute to overhear. We played it this morning. I say stop and he tells me when he wants to go.

So my list of things that need to get done has dwindled over the weekend and I am thankful.