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02/26/08 What a cutie! February 26, 2008

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For those of you who have known me for a long time (like longer than I’ve lived in OR) will know that going to a logging conference is not normally something I would have done back in CA. Well you have to understand the circumstances. I am married to a fourth generation logger and I spent three years working for a company that exhibited at the logging conference. It’s sort of a February Eugene happening thing. Saturday is family day and we all go to look at the big manly equipment. I also get to see a couple of my old co-workers, which is nice for me. There is a Family Pavilion where there are activities for kids and this year there was a guy (Sam the Artist) doing caricatures. We (meaning me) stood in line for over 45 minutes for the priviledge and I have to say it was well worth it! The guy doing these did them at our 2006 company holiday party and he is really good! Thomas told Sam that Christopher loved Thomas the Tank Engine and Sam really incorporated it! He even got the number right on the engine! To keep Christopher occupied during this time, Thomas got crayons and a piece of paper from another table. So at the end Christopher traded pictures with Sam. It was really cute!!!

Baby update – She’s still adorable and is having her 2 week well baby visit (a week late) on Thursday. So I’ll have more stats then.

Mom update – Well the weekend was a little touch and go with not getting much sleep. It’s a lot easier on me (probably not Thomas) when Thomas takes Christopher to day care in the morning and I can grab a couple more hours sleep. It’s not as easy when he’s home and there are two tired parents around. Thomas & I just took turns sleeping for Sunday morning.