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03/19/08 Will This Blog Entry Get Finished? March 19, 2008

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It seems as if every time I think about writing a blog entry, something happens and I have to go do something else. As a matter of fact, when I clicked “My Blog” Sarah started fussing. Fortunately she calmed down and hopefully went back to sleep.

Sarah will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Where has the time gone?!? The picture with this entry was taken 4 days ago. She’s wearing an adorable Classic Winnie The Pooh outfit that a co-worker of Thomas’ gave to us. And it’s in pink. Everything we have is pink, except one thing. Pink, pink, pink.

Ok, this is lame, but I just now remembered that Mary called on Sunday and I never called her back. I need to go leave a message on her machine … Well, that’s done. I feel better now.

Big news on the potty front – Christopher has made little bits of pee in his potty. We (Thomas really) is working on getting him to use his potty. I don’t think he’s really ready yet. Thomas is trying to bribe him with a huge cookie to poop in the potty. That cookie is going to get old and stale before it happens. But I applaud all of the baby steps Christopher is making and hopefully he will be using the potty soon.

I made the best dinner on Sunday! We invited some neighbors over for dinner. They’re actually old neighbors of Thomas and the boys. They all lived next door to one another right after they moved up from California. Why it took us a year and a half to invite them over I’ll never know. Anyway the menu was baked london broil topped with sliced lemon, sliced onion, and tomato sauce; asparagus; rosemary potatos; and these awesome lasagna rolls that I saw on Everyday Italian on Food Network. It was all yummy! I have been watching Food TV everyday because it’s something to have on in the background so the house isn’t totally silent and it’s relatively benign. Ooohhh yumm … that show is on now and she just made something sinfully delicious looking from angelfood cake, and chocolately looking whipped macarpone cheese. My favourite show is Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller. Her meals can be prepared in something like 15 minutes and she likes to make one thing and use the leftovers in something else.


6 Responses to “03/19/08 Will This Blog Entry Get Finished?”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    yay you updated the blog! Yay for Sarah being 6 weeks old already! Wow! Yay for Christopher peeing (lol)
    and ya know, that London Broil sounds like the one Elaine used to make, with the tomato sause and lemon — remind me of temp and time to cook ok? I think I will do that one again too!
    And you know Giada’s food looks so yummy — glad those turned out well! Dang now I am hungry again!

  2. Rhonda H Says:

    oh yeah ps: I promise not to send Sarah any pink clothes 🙂

  3. Liz Says:

    Ra – it was totally mom’s recipe. Remember she used to make it for company? It gives everyone some steak without having to prepare a whole steak for everyone. I cooked it at 350 for 20 minute per pound and it was perfect. Thomas suggested putting sliced onions in the baking dish then putting the meat on those. Then you put lemon, more onions, and the tomato sauce on top.

    I know how much you love Giada’s shows. I watch her every day now and she doesn’t get on my nerves nearly as much! But she’s still all teeth and boobs.

  4. Rhonda H Says:

    thanks for the recipe! I will try it next time we get one… yummm!!

  5. Julie Says:

    What a cutie Sarah is – she looks like Christopher! Boy, things sure change. I remember when your weekends were uninterrupted crafting and soap opera viewing and I was chasing after a couple of toddlers!! I really like Giada too. I’ve frequently used her (not so healthy but delicious) idea of cooking fresh basil in butter & adding in chopped nuts and then serving over a mushroom or cheese ravioli. Simple and so yummy!

  6. Liz Says:

    Julie, that sounds yummy! I think I will try to grow basil again this year. Maybe I won’t kill it … then again monkeys, etc, etc, etc …

    Sarah does look a lot like Christopher now! Thankfully she has better hair though. I could still be watching soap operas, but they don’t hold much interest any more. I like the Hot Topics on the View and the rest of the day it’s on Food TV until either Oprah or the news.

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