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03/27/08 Mommy I Made Yellow March 27, 2008

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He doesn’t pee in the potty, he makes yellow. He is so proud when he does it. It’s not something he does on his own, but we put him on his potty when he gets up and before he goes to bed and he can usually go a little. His daycare provider also will put him on the potty. I’d say he does about 20% of his peeing on the potty. It doesn’t save us any diapers but it makes him and his daddy very happy.

This morning he made a lot of yellow. We were all proud 🙂


3 Responses to “03/27/08 Mommy I Made Yellow”

  1. Julie Says:

    Yay Christopher!

    Have you seen these (I’m going by memory and remember, I only have girls…) things that you can toss into the toilet that serve as fun targets for little boys? I think they were made out of foam and came in funny shapes (e.g. “fish”). I think they were supposed to make toilet training fun (for little boys at least).

    Is there some place Christopher loves to visit? Rebecca used to have a “Poo Poo Chart” taped in the bathroom. Each time she went in the toilet she got a sticker. When each square on the paper was full of stickers she earned a trip to the “Discovery Zone” (they don’t exist anymore). It really motivated her!

  2. Liz Says:

    You can use Cheerios for boys to use as “target practice”. He actually sits on the potty, so aiming isn’t a big deal now. Some lady came out with paper “targets” that lay in the toilet. He loves to go to Barnes & Noble and play with the Thomas the Tank Engine set they have out for kids. That’s one reward. I’ll have to draw up a chart for him. We have a zillion Thomas stickers. How many squares did you have on a sheet?

  3. Rhonda H Says:

    What a cute idea… just make sure you don’t leave any Cheerios around the house! LOL

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