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03/28/08 Things I love … March 28, 2008

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Post it Notes of any shape or size

Pens, especially good writing pens

Fancy paper


Books, especially Cookbooks

Office Supplies in general

Kitchen utensils, especially in a big kitchen utensil store

Socks to wear around the house, I’m not really a fan of having to wear socks with shoes

Flat shoes to wear in summer that you hardly notice on your feet

Seedlings of vegetables and herbs that are ready to plant (it’s besides the point that I would probably kill them)

Words like Bruschetta and Gruyere, they make me feel so food snobbish

Now you may notice that I didn’t put things like “my husband” or “Christopher hugs”. I was really referring to things, not people. Besides everyone loves those things 🙂 These are odd things that relate only to me (well other people may like them too.)