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04/05/08 Good Advice April 5, 2008

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I gave this list to a woman I worked with. She had a baby about 5 months after I had Christopher. It’s still good advice …

Some tips and words of advice from one new mom to another …

1. Costco has the best price on Enfamil formula.

2. Everything changes, so if you can’t cope with this week, next week will be different.

3. Have lots of burp cloths.

4. Have lots of pacifiers.

5. Let the kids help, it’s good for you and good for them.

6. The world understands new moms. Let your friends come over and help, whether it is bringing you a meal, vacuuming or just holding the baby. It is amazing how satisfying something as simple as being able to empty the dishwasher is, when you know someone else is taking care of the baby.

7. Take the baby everywhere. You need to get out of the house.

8. Let daddy burp the baby. It gives him a special thing to do too.

9. Follow your instincts; we have them for a reason!

10. There is no such thing as too much love.

11. Print out your Target registry at the store and put the big barcode at the bottom in your wallet. If you need to return anything bought there, just let them scan the registry barcode and you don’t need the receipt.

12. Don’t open or take the tags off of everything right away. You may find you have too much of something and will need to return things. Use the refunds to buy things you didn’t get or forgot to register for.

13. Take infant Tylenol to the baby’s 2, 4 & 6 month appointments. They recommend giving it right after the immunizations to prevent a fever. It also helps reduce some of the pain of the shots.

14. The Complete and Authoritative Guide for Caring for your Baby and Young Child – Birth to Age 5 by Steven P. Shelov, M.D. and Robert E. Hannemann, M.D. is a great book. You can get it at used for under $1 (plus shipping).

Number 13 will come in handy on Tuesday because it’s Sarah’s 2 month appointment. Glad I found this list again!


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  1. MaestraHaven Says:

    That is why I get mine waxed every 6 weeks from March to October. I usually let them go for the winter, unless they get toooo hairy, then I wax ’em in January. LOL

    Hey! I can’t remember your maiden name! Isn’t that a kick? Either that or I am REALLY getting old! LOL. BTW, Mom says hi.

  2. MaestraHaven Says:

    oops, meant to add this to the LAST posting! LOL. I AM getting old.

  3. Rhonda H Says:

    gee #2, 5, and 9 apply to 7th graders too LOL

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