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04/16/08 Dinner this week April 15, 2008

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Last night we had ribeye steaks that Thomas barbequed (they were on sale at Safeway), garlic bread (he barbequed that too), and spaghetti squash with pesto. It was all delicious.

Tonight we had chicken picatta using this this recipe. Rather than make the brown rice with lima beans from the recipe (both items I don’t like) I made orzo pasta with peas. The chicken was good but the pasta was sort of bland. Thomas suggested maybe adding some herbage to the pasta. I thought maybe some thyme.

Tomorrow Thomas has a Relay for Life meeting so it’s just me for dinner so I’ll probably have leftovers.

Thursday we have the boys and I am making pot roast. It’s my mom’s recipe and I just love it. You use the pressure cooker rather than the crock pot. You cut the meat into manageable pieces and brown it in the pressure cooker. You add thyme, marjoram, bay leaf, a can of beef consomme, a half a can of water and a half a can of wine. Then you pressure cook it for 20 minutes. Then you add an onion, a few potatoes, and a few carrots and pressure cook it for 8 minutes. Yummy!

Friday I think we’ll have the Boboli pizza I got.

What are you having for dinner this week? Anything good that I can have the recipe for?


2 Responses to “04/16/08 Dinner this week”

  1. Julie Says:

    No, nothing good this week :). We’ve been pretty unhealthy this week – I was ill Monday and Tuesday. Factor in the sports and a home-cooked meal becomes a challenge. We’ve done grilled cheese sandwiches and (frozen) orange chicken with rice. Tonight Rebecca gets to choose a restaurant since it’s her birthday. Tomorrow… we have some frozen steaks, I think I’ll have Dave BBQ. We do the Boboli at least once/month. Or, I do the dough at Trader Joe’s. It’s .99 (of course you have to roll it out). Dave makes a yummy chicken picatta.

  2. Julie E Says:

    I’m not much into recipes. We stir fry lots, but really plain food or there’s no chance Alison would even try it. As it is, she won’t eat most of what we fix, but if she can see spices or sauce of any sort, forget it. So, we stir fry plain chicken or beef and make tacos or nachos.

    We have lots of fish in the freezer right now that I need to figure out how to cook, the kids probably won’t eat it, Mike might try it, but won’t eat it…

    They say not to cook separate dishes for your kids, but seriously, Alison won’t eat what we serve her. When I got sick when she was two months old, she went over 12 hours before she finally drank some formula. She’s only gotten pickier since then!

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