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04/17/08 A joke April 17, 2008

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I am watching the Martha Stewart Show and Joan Rivers is on making chocolate covered matzos with Martha. Joan made the funniest joke …

“There are three holidays where Jews have fun … Chanukah, Passover, and a Saks sale.”

Oh go ahead and laugh, I did. 🙂


3 Responses to “04/17/08 A joke”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    Cute but who goes to Saks anymore? (said with Jewish shoulder shrug and high voice at end of question)

  2. Mary H Says:

    Ah, but Joan still has a lot of New Yorker in her. Hmm, what is Bloomingdales like nowadays? It’s been too many years for me. I just celebrated 31 years here in Eugene, where we finally got Macy’s last year.

    I actually got to see this episode. They made “gingerbread” houses of matzo and dried fruit with chocolate to glue it all together. I liked the idea of a “fruit & nut house. I wonder if you could make the walls of double or triple layers of matzo instead of the cardboard supporting it.

  3. Liz Says:

    Bloomingdales isn’t what it once was.

    I think multi layers of matzo would work. Saves having to cut up a box. Aw crap! I was going to get a box of matzo while we were shopping this afternoon. Phooie!

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