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06/17/08 Another Graduation June 17, 2008

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Tonight Micah graduates from Middle School. I remember when he was 7 years old!!! Now he’s 14 and a few months away from starting High School. I wonder how Thomas feels about this? Both of his older kids graduated from something this week.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on waste. I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint. I am getting much better about bringing reusable bags to the store when I go shopping. We have a lot of those compact fluorescent in our house (in use even). We recycle as much as we can. We compost our food waste (which the dog usually digs out). But I’ve been thinking deeper than that. I’ve decided that political campaigns are a HUGE waste. I will not contribute my money to one. There was an article in the paper that said that this election cost state charities over $3 million because people contributed to political campaigns rather than to charity. What made me think about this more is that Al Gore sent me (and millions of other people) an e-mail the other day. He wants me to contribute to the Barack Obama campaign. Mr. Nobel Prize Winner … Mr. Inconvenient Truth wants me to spend money on a process that is so full of waste and carbon emissions it made me realise that he is a hypocrite. Do as I say until I need you to do something differently. This has been festering in my brain for a couple of days. I really want to send him an e-mail and give him a piece of my mind.


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  1. Julie Says:

    Congrats to Micah! We had 2 special graduations last year too: from elementary to middle; from middle to high. It sure keeps you busy doesn’t it??

    Good luck with reducing your carbon footprint!

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