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06/22/08 Nine Hours June 22, 2008

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She slept nine hours … that’s nine hours in a ROW!!! She slept from about 9:30 pm – 5:30 am (give or take 10 minutes). Woohoo!!!

Yesterday we had an action packed day! The kid in the blue shoes in the picture is Tyler, Butch & Lynne’s grandson. He was up here in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. We went to cheer him on because B&L couldn’t. Thomas & Micah took a bunch of great pictures. I love my new camera and the long lens. I’ll try to remember to upload pictures on my Flickr account.

After frisbee it was off to the Safety event at Alton Baker park. They had equipment from the local fire departments, a helicopter, a bouncy house, a big blow up slide, and lots of booths where kids could earn prizes. If you did this passport thing you would get a free life vest. Christopher made Thomas stand in a lot of the lines for things but once it was his turn he chickened out of them all.

The day was not over yet … we also went to Thomas’ company picnic at Armitage Park. The food wasn’t very inspiring but the games for everyone were fun. Micah won a little boom box in the sack race. He got egg at his feet in the egg toss with Thomas. We couldn’t get Christopher to play in any of the games. They had rounds for each age group and there were lots of kids in his age range and he would have had fun. He was too busy playing in a dirt pile to be bothered with games! There was a clown who made balloon shapes for the kids. Christopher got a belt with a sword (which he popped later.) I got a great picture of him with ice cream all over his face. They had the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck show up too. That was a BIG hit!

All the while there was a pork roast simmering away in the crock pot at home. Dang it was easy! Put pork roast in crock pot; cover with a big jar of salsa; turn on low; ignore for 9 hours. You can’t get much easier than that! So we had pork burritos for dinner. And we finally got around to having Micah’s graduation cake. (burp)


2 Responses to “06/22/08 Nine Hours”

  1. Julie Says:

    OMG, I vaguely remember Tyler…being a lot smaller :-). How old is he now? How many grandkids do B&L have?

  2. Liz Says:

    I remember Tyler being a lot smaller too! He’s going to be 19 in September. He just finished his freshman year at Sonoma State! B&L have two grandkids, Tyler and his sister Marcela.

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