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06/28/08 My parents and RIP Ruffy June 28, 2008

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This is a picture of my mom and dad that I took in Hong Kong. I think it’s in front of the Peninsula Hotel. I can’t be sure though. It is either 1974 or 1975. Besides my sister, I think Amy is the only person who would have met my dad. I found a bunch of old photos in a box this morning. I thought the box had Christopher’s baby stuff in it, but it didn’t. Now I need to remember what happened to his box (frowining). In any case, I had a great trip down memory lane. There were also pictures from Hawaii in 1977, Canada in 1978, and loads of pictures from high school. We were all so young then! There are pictures of people I recognise but have no clue who they are or in what context I knew them.

RIP Ruffy – Ruffy died yesterday under a bush in our backyard. She was about 15 years old and had a long and happy life. Thomas and the teenagers are off burying her somewhere out in nature.


5 Responses to “06/28/08 My parents and RIP Ruffy”

  1. Julie E Says:

    Good picture. It is fun to go through the old boxes sometimes. I have my mom and dad’s slide projector and I’ve been meaning to go through the dozens of slides I have from high school. Somehow, it just never happens. Maybe if one of you comes over we could look at them together…

  2. Rhonda H Says:

    Now this is getting weird Liz — check your email… I hadn’t seen this pic and yesterday I also went through some old boxes and found some old photos… scanned and sent them to you last night.

    RIP Riffy…

  3. Liz Says:

    It’s funny to see how young we all looked!

    Ra – I thought you sent me the pictures because you saw the blog post. How strange that we both found old photos!!! I found a great one of Aunt Jane and Barb, another one of Betsy, and yet another one of Betsy’s friend Jeanne.

  4. Julie Says:

    My condolences for Ruffy!

  5. Liz Says:

    Apparently my mom is reading my blog but didn’t know how to comment. She e-mailed me and said that the picture is indeed in front of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. The dude in the white in the background isn’t Elton John, it is one of their doormen. He is wearing a pillbox hat.

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