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07/05/08 Fireworks July 5, 2008

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My Flickr pictures are updated with some of our activities last night. We just had fireworks on our street. We were the only ones doing anything last night. Everyone else must have gone away or gone to the professional fireworks. Not something we can do with two little kids. Christopher was scared sh*tless with just the sparklers and smokebombs that the kids were doing *before* the sun went down. After I put him to bed, Thomas went in to check on him. Christopher decided it was ok to watch from the living room window. So we watched for about 20 minutes and then he was ok to go to bed again. Getting a glow-in-the-dark bracelet from Micah’s friend didn’t hurt either!

Since we didn’t go anywhere it was up to me to do our BBQ spread. I made potato salad, pasta salad and fruit salad. Thomas grilled hamburgers and brats. It was all yummy!

I hope you all had fun where ever you were.


3 Responses to “07/05/08 Fireworks”

  1. Mary H Says:

    Our neighborhood was quite different. Fireworks have been going off all week and last night they lasted until 11 with a few stragglers continuing until midnight. It seemed like every cul-de-sac around me had a fireworks going off, complete with lots of skyrockets.The group nearest the park had lots of fireworks, including smoke bombs that hid the street.

    BTW, I love Flickr and not just for your photos. While working in the kitchen, I set the laptop to do a Flickr slideshow. Yesterday, my slide show was based on the search “4th of July.” Very fun. I saw lots of fireworks, barbeques, and funny costumes.

  2. Mary H Says:

    Btw, I finally started a personal blog. Now I have three!!

  3. Julie Says:

    We did our usual BBQ. It was relatively quiet regarding fireworks. First, they are illegal here and second, we have enough wild fires at the moment. I think our governor pleaded for people not to do fireworks even where they were legal.

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