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07/29/08-B Ask and ye shall receive July 29, 2008

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There are people out there who are more anal-retentive than I am. I was reading Doodaddy (yeah, I know I’m supposed to be working but I am mired in an incredibly mind-numbing project and I need to take a break every few hundred Excel lines or so) and he mentioned Trixie Tracker. You track sleeping, eating, pooping … and it gives you charts and graphs! And Thomas thought I was loony because I tracked that stuff on a scrap of paper for the first month or so (the doctor liked to know).

Also the internet came to the rescue with something called Tasty Planner. You can create recipies, a meal calendar, and a grocery list. Someone was listening to me!

Now I haven’t tried either of these websites, I just found them a few minutes ago but I just had to share them!!! Don’t you just love the internet?!?


3 Responses to “07/29/08-B Ask and ye shall receive”

  1. Liz Says:

    What I really need is a kitchen inventory program that will store what I have to use then suggest recipes based on what I already own!

    I’ve been using Tasty Planner all morning and it’s fun. Oh, yes, I’ve been working too 🙂

  2. Mary H Says:

    Check out Mastercook. I am still using version 4 on my PC but the newest releases are 8 or 9. They have an active Yahoo group also.

    Some general meal planning advice:
    Do it with your appointment calendar in front of you. This way you know how many you have to feed, when they need to eat, and how tired you will be.
    Make of list of the main (or what to get rid of) items in your freezer and cupboard. Choose recipes for them & write them next to the item. Even if you aren’t going to make it this week, it will help you decide next time.
    Do your meal planning when you are slightly hungry—it goes MUCH easier and faster.

    If you are interested, I’ll look for the article on meal planning that I wrote. It’s not on this computer.

  3. Liz Says:

    I might have Mastercook on my computer at home.

    I will have Thomas inventory the freezers 🙂

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