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07/29/08 Bye Bye Cousins July 29, 2008

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Thomas’ sister’s kids have been visiting over the summer, one by one – sort of. AJ was here for two weeks, then he was replaced by Cierra when my in-laws spent the week of 4th of July in CA. Donovan came up on Thursday and they went home on Sunday. Christopher loves his cousins! On Monday when he was at my MIL’s he asked where Cierra and Donovan were. My MIL reminded him that they went home. His comment was, “they didn’t say goodbye.” When the cousins left Donovan told my MIL to say goodbye to Christopher. Cierra told my MIL to tell Sarah that she loved her. I don’t know whether Cierra enjoyed shopping or taking care of Sarah more. Anyway Christopher replied that Cierra was his “sister-cousin” and Donovan was his “cousin-friend”. It was one of those “awww” moments!

Why do I feel guilty feeding my family Rice-a-roni? I read a lot of blogs and many of them talk about cooking for families. One of my favourites, CitiMama, usually has Meal Planning Monday. Damn, this woman is organised! She plans her meals for the week; she shops at the farmer’s market; she seems to have it together with this whole feeding the family thing. Why is it so hard for me to do that? It’s not like we don’t have a lot of ingredients to choose from either. We have a relatively full pantry and stand-up freezer. As I am typing this I am remembering that I am not a very good Scrabble player either (stay with me, I have a point). Nor am I a good sew-from-a-pattern person. All three use the ability to take component parts and make a whole. This is not something I am good at apparently. Thomas gets very frustrated with me that food goes bad or that we have all of this stuff and I can’t think of anything to make from it. I get frustrated with me too, but I don’t know what to do about it. I think this is why I used to shop every couple of days when I was single. I had fresh food and I could buy what I needed to make whatever I thought of. This is not very practical now, however.

There was this one episode of Dharma & Greg where Dharma figured out that Greg used a very complex schedule for having sex. It gave the illusion of randomness and spontaneity for Dharma but allowed Greg to have a schedule. Maybe I need this for dinner …


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  1. Julie Says:

    Dharma & Greg! I loved that show!!!

    Would it help you to write it down? I do better with the whole meal planning if it’s written down. I write what recipes/food we are having for dinner each night (including all sides) and then I follow it. If it’s just in my head, for some reason it doesn’t work as well.

  2. Liz Says:

    Writing it down does help but my challenge is thinking of things to make with our pantry and freezer full of food. I think that’s why I liked watching Food Network when I was on maternity leave. I’d usually make what I saw on tv. I usually had most of the ingredients and I being a passable cook I could make decent substitutions.

  3. Rhonda H Says:

    We need to get you some cookbooks!!
    Hey this is letting me put a response here! (well I am gonna copy it in case I am speaking ahead of Yahoo’s plan for me lol)
    Thanks for changing that garish disco 70’s background!! LOL

  4. Julie Says:

    It’s like you have the cart before the horse. I figure out what the meals are and THEN I buy the food/ingredients. Otherwise, yeah, food gets wasted!

    I’m with Rhonda – this background is much easier on the ol’ eyes 🙂

  5. Liz Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah on the background … I just wanted something jazzy for a few days! LOL!

    A lot of times I do buy stuff based on what I’ve planned. But I also have a pantry and freezer full of food so that, theoretically, I could just come home and make something. Otherwise I’d just be shopping all of the time. I think it comes back to planning … something I clearly need more practice at.

    Ra – I have zillions of cookbooks!

  6. Julie Says:

    I thought Rhonda was being sarcastic about the cookbooks!!

    I think you’ve nailed it – it’s about the planning!

  7. Rhonda H Says:

    lol yeah just a little — although… Liz did you ever watch the Food Channel show called something like Semi-Homemade? I didn’t really like her little “themes” all that much but sometimes she had some great ideas on how to put various already made things together… ohh now there’s something to get you for your half-birthday! Do you have her cookbooks?

    Yeah I agree with Julie there too — helps to know what you are making first… but then, I know what it is like to have a full freezer and “nothing to eat”. We have been eating down our freezer this summer and boy is it a surprise sometimes to find things I had totally forgetten about in there! Andy keeps saying he will inventory it too but, well, you know how that goes LOL.

  8. Rhonda H Says:

    oh and I forgot to put my comment about Rice-a-Roni (the San Francisco treat! lol)

    Hey we grew up on that stuff! LOL But for me now, the salt content is way out of my allowance — that is the one thing I (personally) need to watch out for. But they were tasty — and a good base for tossing in some cooked chicken or whatevers…

    Oh yeah that is another thing that I think might help you: at Costco you can buy these mega packs of chicken breasts. Spend a Sunday roasting them up just plain, then package them into meal-size portions and THEN freeze them. Then you have your protein already done and you can toss them into salads, pasta, or even Rice-a-Roni real fast and dinner is done!

  9. Liz Says:

    Semi-Homemade – watched it a LOT when I was on maternity leave. She is a little sugary for me but she made some cool stuff. 70% store bought and 30% homemade is her thing. I like Robin Miller’s Quick Fix Meals better. I got her two cookbooks at Costco. She does things like meal kits and “morphing” one meal into another (bake a chicken and use leftovers for something else). However the last thing I made from her cookbook (a pork loin) was supposed to be for 3 meals and it only lasted for one and a half. No one told the boys it was supposed to last for 3 meals. (sigh)

    I didn’t grow up on Rice-a-roni, I grew up on Hamburger Helper! LOL!

    We actually buy precooked teriyaki and mesquite breasts and grilled chicken strips. But they’re not very good. I think I would like the fresh grilled better. (hear that honey???) Go grill some chicken! LOL!

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