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08/02/08 Greetings from California August 2, 2008

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I am sitting out on my SIL’s deck in Hidden Valley California. It’s 90 degrees in the shade with a lovely breeze blowing. Christopher is wandering around with Thomas. Sarah, Jonah, and Cierra are hanging out with me. Jonah loaned me his laptop so I could post this. I was going to be completely internet free, but I thought it would be cool to blog from deck.

Friday we drove to Fort Bragg and spend Friday night at my FIL’s house. It was a gorgeous drive down and not too terrible with the two little kids. Micah was a really big help with them which was good because he sat back with them.

Today we went to the beach and it was great! My FIL took Micah on his motorcycle. My BIL insisted I drive their van with my SIL because I think they want us to join the “mini van” club. Thomas brought everyone else. I took a zillion pictures of everyone and I’ll get some posted on Flickr one of these days. At around noon we headed over to Willits to drop Micah off. I hope he has fun with Thomas’ friends. He is really wanting to go up in their airplane again. He cleaned his room to be able to do this and his room hasn’t been clean since it was empty when we moved in. After lunch we headed over to Hidden Valley.

I miss California a lot! I just love being “home”.

We’ll either head home tomorrow or Monday. And be sure to wish Rhonda a happy birthday on Sunday!!!