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08/16/08 We are lame … tales of a date August 16, 2008

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Thomas and I are the lamest couple. We had a babysitter, we had a gift card to a g00d restaurant and after dinner we didn’t know what to do. First we had to drive out to my in-law’s house to water their plants. It has been in the high 90’s and last night was still very warm. We stopped by Fern Ridge Reservoir and enjoyed the lake and a great breeze. There were people sailing, jet skiing, and inner tubing. We headed back to town and ended up visiting an acquaintance of Thomas’ at the Eugene Hostel (the guy owns it). In our defense there wasn’t much going on downtown, probably because of the Lane County Fair. We drove around, and around, and around. At one point Thomas lamented, “I just want to DO something!” Unless it’s First Friday Art Walk, there isn’t usually a lot going on downtown, except for the homeless and the perpetually strange. We ended up at the Valley River Inn in their restaurant, Sweetwaters, for dessert and coffee. We shared a piece chocolate mousse torte cake and Thomas had coffee. We got a table outside next to the river and we could hear the music from the fair. It was nice. Then we went home to find a mess.


7 Responses to “08/16/08 We are lame … tales of a date”

  1. Rhonda H Says:

    Well at least you got OUT and did something!!

    I imagine finding private time alone is really hard for the two of you so it is nice you did go out. That restuarant looked yummy!

  2. MaestraHaven Says:

    Should have booked a hotel room…(grin) Now THAT is a date!

  3. Julie E Says:

    LOL!!! Been there, done that!!! Bob and I actually enjoy playing pool together, and he and I both love to dance, so on those rare occasions when we go out, those are the kinds of things we do. We almost never like the same movies (we don’t usually even watch tv together), so that’s pretty much out. We’ve talked about bowling, but never do it.

    Our last date may have been a year ago, and we walked along the riverfront in Pittsburg after dinner for about 30 min and we were bored. I thought the whole riverfront idea would be romantic, but there was nothing going on “except for the homeless and the perpetually strange”. Oh well, we just had another anniversary, and stayed home with the kids. One of these days we’ll get out again…

  4. Julie Says:

    I think what you did sounds just fine!
    Dave & I had a date Fri-Sat. (girls were away). We went out for sushi and saw Dark Night on the IMAX. Then we bought a fridge for the garage! At least we didn’t have to book a hotel room 🙂

  5. Liz Says:

    A hotel room was out … we were trying to keep the budget for the evening really low. I would say that buying a fridge puts the budget way over the top though!!!

  6. Julie Says:

    Yes, the fridge made it a VERY expensive date!!! The movie was a good deal though. Here the IMAX is a ridiculous $15/person, but the CostCo tickets that I buy for $7.50 each are good to use for either the regular show or the IMAX! Between the $15 we saved on the tickets and the $120 we saved on buying the fridge floor model….dinner was more than paid for!

  7. Liz Says:

    Julie that is a very healthy way to look at it! LOL! We have a theater that we call the “dollar fifty theater” because the tickets are … a dollar fifty! I like going to that one! But you have to wait for the movies to get a little stale 🙂 When we go see Star Trek or Harry Potter movies, we go to the nice expensive theater.

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