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08/20/08 Morning Show August 20, 2008

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For those of you just joining us, it’s 2am. Welcome to the “Liz has Insomnia Show”! Thomas is snorning and Sarah is making little grunting/hiccup noises. Don’t know if Jonah is home and Christopher is at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Because Thomas woke up at 4:17am yesterday morning … and since he woke up, I woke up … I made sure to go to bed early last night. I was asleep before 9:30pm. Unfortunately I woke up at 10:30pm to turn off the TV that someone left on (yes honey, that would be you.) I woke up again at 1:37am and here I sit. It’s now 2:11am. The 2am show isn’t usually very exciting because I don’t think all of my synapses are firing properly, thereby making me think I am charming and witty but really I am just an idiot rambling at 2am.

I am still working on the scrapbook from our weekend in CA. I found a few more pictures I added to it, then of course I had to take the stupid thing apart and rearrange the pages. That sort of ruined the spine, or at least gave it osteoporosis. I want to make a mini-book for Christopher’s 3rd birthday. I was thinking about making the book part, rather than buying one. They’re kind of expensive. I have enough book covers laying around that it would be fairly easy to make the cover. I could either bind it like I do my journals or just do rings. Making holes in book board would be a challenge though. Mary made Christopher a cool photo book by just laminating the picture pages … interrupted by a baby who needed her binky … and then using 1 inch rings. Then if she (or we) want to add pages we can just open the rings. I love the way little kids are fascinated by seeing themselves and people they know in pictures. And Christopher is no exception to this.

My hair is finally long enough to put in a shorty pony tail. I cannot tell you how good it feels to get the hair off of my neck, especially now that it is so humid! Granted, I look like a dork, but at 2am and in the privacy of my own home I am more than ok with it.

The short lens on my camera broke a few weeks ago. I bought it at Costco and they have a very friendly Concierge service to help you with these sorts of things. They connected me with Nikon and we arranged to send in my lens for repair. I figured it would still be under warranty, since I got it at Christmas. No such luck. It’s going to cost $90 to be repaired and I can get a new lens for $103 (including shipping). First of all, why isn’t it covered under warranty? And second, why would I want to pay almost what it would cost for a new lens to end up with a repaired lens when I could just have a new lens. Gah! I have been using my longer lens (55-200) and it is a fine lens, but when you want to take pictures from a distance of less than 10 feet it gets difficult. It was great at the beach in CA because I could take pictures from further away.

I heard the tell tale thump of Sarah’s feet hitting her crib (she lifts them up and then lets them fall in a hearty thump). I don’t think she’s asleep either. We put her to bed shortly after 6pm for what we thought was her usual 30 minute evening nap. She never woke up from it. It is never good for a baby to be awake at 2:31am, it sets a bad precedence. Actually, it’s not good for a mommy to be awake at 2:31 either, it makes her cranky in the morning.


2 Responses to “08/20/08 Morning Show”

  1. Julie Says:

    Jonah is not home at 2 a.m. on a week night? That boy needs a job…lol…

    I still haven’t finished my Hawaii scrapbook (we went in November)!!

  2. Liz Says:

    I didn’t know if he was home or not. His door is usually just ajar enough to let the cat in or out and I didn’t feel like checking. He was probably home.

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