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08/29/08 Friday, yes it’s Friday August 29, 2008

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I’m not sure which I dislike more – the craziness of the week and a half of month end close or the unstructured-ness of the time in between. I pretty much have to ignore everyone for that week and a half to get my work done so that when it’s over there is a few days of scrambling to fix everyone elses problems. Then I have a week or two of dealing with whatever happens to pop up. This week it’s learning service billing and training a new employee. I think if I had to do billing every day I’d shoot myself. While I’m all for mindless tasks, this is one that is half mindless, half thinking, and half trying to read some bozo’s bad writing. I’ve already complained to a supervisor about a tech’s bad writing – hey! we have to *read* this stuff!

I think I forgot to post about mom’s knee replacement. On Friday she had a knee replacement. The end. No, really … now she is in a rehab facility (or whatever they’re called today). It’s mostly crazy old people who never leave. Mom’s roommate is recovering from pneumonia, so she’s been less crazy as the days progress. As long as mom does her exercises and learns how to take care of her new knee she should be released from this place next week. She should be really motivated to do what she’s told because she really wants to go home. She misses her cats and I think they miss her too.

Why do they call it the Terrible Two’s? I think it should be called the I-Want-To-Pierce-My-Eardrum Three’s. Good god my kid whines! This morning I heard him in his room and when I peaked in he was sitting on his bed. He smiled when he saw me, got up and informed me that he had peepee and poopoo in his pullup in a very big-boy voice. I ushered him into the bathroom to take care of it (no words of recrimination, just a let’s take care of it attitude) and after I got his pajama’s off and was separating the pullup (it has tear away sides) a switch flicked in his brain and out came Whiny boy. Gahhh!!!

Sarah is now making syllables. We had dinner at the neighbor’s on Sunday night and she and Mark carried on a very lively conversation – both using only about 3 syllables each. Her most intelligible syllable is “da”. Dadadadadada … no she doesn’t connect it to “dada” yet. But soon. Thomas said she kisses him and my MIL says she waves at her. I just get the drool.

She is also passing things from one hand to the other. Yet another milestone. Very cool! She is not rolling over yet though. Someone mentioned to me that stuff like rolling over, crawling, and walking come later to bigger babies. More weight to move. But she has good form when she lays on her stomach. Good back arch they say. She wants to roll over, reach for things, and go … she just doesn’t know how yet.

The dinner front hasn’t been all that exciting. I made stir fry last night and used hoisin sauce. Yummy. Chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, baby brocolli, and spinach … lots of garlic and ginger too. I wished I’d brought the leftovers for lunch. I have a salad and pita bread from Trader Joe’s. Trying to be healthy and all of that. I guess the muffins that someone brought in this morning don’t exactly count.

In a few hours the holiday weekend starts. We’re not doing anything exciting. I’m sure Thomas is dismayed by that. We just don’t seem to do enough to satisfy his need to do things. I’d like to get Jonah’s room painted and Christopher and Sarah moved into it. But I don’t think that is what Thomas has in mind when it comes to doing something.


2 Responses to “08/29/08 Friday, yes it’s Friday”

  1. Julie Says:

    Amen to not doing anything exciting! I am zapped. I just want to putter all weekend and gear up for the next challenging work week.

    Christopher will likely stop whining if a) you don’t have a big reaction to it and b) if you simply don’t understand him when he whines. Do you remember me telling my kids (who actually weren’t big whiners)- “I speak English, Spanish & French, but not “whine”. I literally would act like I didn’t understand when they used that voice and they learned rapidly and permanently not to use it!

    My best to your mom! My mom is still in physical therapy from breaking her knee!

  2. Liz Says:

    I remember you saying that! I usually either say I don’t understand him (which I frequently don’t) or I don’t listen to whiners and he needs to talk in a ‘big boy’ voice. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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