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08/09/08 And then she was six August 9, 2008

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Six months that is. On Thursday Sarah turned six months old! She didn’t seem overly fazed by it. On Friday we took her in for her six month check up. Dr. E. says she’s a happy healthy, albeit big, baby. Here are her stats:

Height: 27 1/4 inches – 92nd percentile

Weight: 22lbs 6ozs – off the chart if taken alone; 99th percentile with height factored in

Head Circumference: 18 1/4 inches – 99th percentile

Both of my kids have fat heads and Sarahs is fatter than Christopher’s as I recall.

I just checked my blog archives (I started this blog over 2 1/2 years ago!) and here are Christopher’s stats for his 6 month checkup … 19lbs 4ozs and 27″ tall. He’s at the 75th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference.

So Sarah is more than 3 pounds heavier and a quarter inch taller! Holy Cow!

Thomas is currently at the small airport in Weed, CA waiting for Micah to show up. Micah has spent the past week in Redwood Valley with friends of Thomas’. The husband is a doctor and has a small plane. The plane is the whole reason Micah wanted to visit them again. When we were there a year ago Memorial Day, he got to ride in the plane. This one thing made Micah clean his room (and it was a sh*t hole too!) just so he could go. Since it’ll take them about 5 hours to get home, I am hoping that Micah arrives there soon! (it’s 2:45 pm now)

Part of me hopes that they stop at Harry & David’s in Medford to get me a treat. Harry & David’s has such cool food stuff, besides the fruit that they are known for. We (meaning me) love stopping there for a potty and shopping break. They usually have something cool on sale and they also have a really yummy selection of fruit.

Most of all I just want them to arrive home safe 🙂


08/04/08 Home again August 4, 2008

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The drive to and from California just seems to get longer and longer each time we make it. I think we know every rest stop on Hwy 5 from here to Hwy 20! We all managed to survive the drive home. My tail bone doesn’t hurt nearly as much from this trip as it did from the trip in May. Christopher does not like us listening to music; he’d rather subject us to continual renditions of the theme song from Bob the Builder. As an occasional break he’ll sing Baa Baa Black Sheep or the ABC Song.

… a few hours later after playing with Flickr …

I uploaded a bunch of pictures of our morning at the beach. I took a picture of my niece and played with it in Photoshop Elements. I don’t know much about Photoshop so I just did some of the things I read about on Pioneer Woman’s photo site. I have some of the things that turned out well bookmarked so I can refer to them easily. Man, it sure is a crapshoot as to what to choose to do to a photo. I knew I wanted to lighten my niece’s face and make the ice plant be greener. I think I accomplished the former but I am not so sure on the latter. I think I also made her shirt too pale. It needs to be pinker. It was fun but it’s just following directions. It’s not like I can intuitively play around with Photoshop. Maybe someday when I am old and gray …

I really enjoyed being off from work today. We had planned to drive back today, but we ended up driving back yesterday. So we hug out, played with the kids, and did a whole lot of not much. Tomorrow it’s back to the usual. Grandma and grandpa picked up Christopher shortly after noon so he’s not here. Sarah is asleep and has been since 7pm. Thomas just headed up to bed and as soon as I click Post This Entry I will be following him. Goodnight all …


08/02/08 Greetings from California August 2, 2008

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I am sitting out on my SIL’s deck in Hidden Valley California. It’s 90 degrees in the shade with a lovely breeze blowing. Christopher is wandering around with Thomas. Sarah, Jonah, and Cierra are hanging out with me. Jonah loaned me his laptop so I could post this. I was going to be completely internet free, but I thought it would be cool to blog from deck.

Friday we drove to Fort Bragg and spend Friday night at my FIL’s house. It was a gorgeous drive down and not too terrible with the two little kids. Micah was a really big help with them which was good because he sat back with them.

Today we went to the beach and it was great! My FIL took Micah on his motorcycle. My BIL insisted I drive their van with my SIL because I think they want us to join the “mini van” club. Thomas brought everyone else. I took a zillion pictures of everyone and I’ll get some posted on Flickr one of these days. At around noon we headed over to Willits to drop Micah off. I hope he has fun with Thomas’ friends. He is really wanting to go up in their airplane again. He cleaned his room to be able to do this and his room hasn’t been clean since it was empty when we moved in. After lunch we headed over to Hidden Valley.

I miss California a lot! I just love being “home”.

We’ll either head home tomorrow or Monday. And be sure to wish Rhonda a happy birthday on Sunday!!!