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09/28/08 Too much to do, too much to say September 28, 2008

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Forgive me internet for I have not posted … it has been 2 weeks since my last blog post. Ok, so for 5 of those days I wasn’t even here. Dang, there’s just a lot I want to get done and I also have to work (gag).

A week ago Thursday we drove to California. We spent the night in one of our regular Super 8 Motel spots in Arcata (just north of Eureka). I told Thomas that we were going to “meander” to Santa Rosa. We checked out a few things that we were curious about, like a set of terraces across the Smith river from Hwy 199 just before the OR/CA border. We thought it was a resort or hotel. It turns out it is a private residence. So much for getting a tour. We played for a while on the beach in Crescent City and had dinner near the beach. Christopher had fun digging in the sand. Sarah got her feet wet and made little footprints. I got pictures of it all. Are they uploaded to Flickr? No, I haven’t gotten that far yet!

On Friday we headed to Santa Rosa. We stayed at my in-law’s WorldMark timeshare with the in-laws. Did I mention why we went to CA? When I get to Saturday you’ll figure it out. Christopher got to see a lot of “Bob the Builder Friends” along the side of the road. It’s road construction season apparently. And somewhere down Hwy 101 they are building a bridge. Got cool pictures of that too.

On Saturday we were sort of lazy, but by noon we headed to SF. We stopped at the Marin Headlands and got great pictures of the bay, the bridge and the fog. Christopher got to see the “red bridge”. We drove through the city and I showed Christopher the hospital that I was born in (it’s now Kaiser on Geary and 5th). Then we drove down the Cliff House (dang, it’s been totally remodeled!) and then on down to the beach. Christopher and Thomas walked on the beach while Sarah slept and I read Oprah. Can you believe we were gone for five days and I didn’t even get one issue of Oprah finished!?! We had some time to kill before we needed to be at the reason for the trip. I tried to think of someone I knew who still lived in SF … no luck (I later remembered that my aunt lives in SF. I am totally lame!) So we headed to Stonestown to change the kids diaper/pullup. There was absolutely NO parking at the 19th ave side of the mall. We were going to give up when I directed Thomas to the Nordstrom’s parking garage. Stupendous! My kids got their butts wiped in one of the swankiest kids changing areas ever! While Thomas & Christopher were waiting for Sarah and me, the saleslady gave Christopher a balloon! I totally wanted to buy something, but I don’t ever intend to pay Nordstrom prices for kids’ clothes! Man, I remember shopping at Nordstrom’s for myself. But then I got a hobby and wised up! By then we’d killed enough time and headed to Belmont for the reason we were in CA … Poppy’s 70th Birthday Party! I’ve known Honey and Poppy for over 20 years and they are Christopher’s godparents. So of course we would drive over 500 miles to celebrate his 70th birthday! And we did! The party was fabulous! Supposedly there were 100 people there. I saw people I hadn’t seen in YEARS! The biggest bummer was Quint and Amy couldn’t make it. 😦 Christopher had a blast and took the run of the place. Sarah was admired by all and held by many. My in-laws were invited to the party so they helped with the holding of the moose-sized baby. She’s not even 7 months old and is 23lbs! That can wear on a body! I think I’ve ended most of the last 10 sentences with exclaimation points. I think I am ! happy!!! 🙂

On Sunday we drove to Pleasanton to visit Julie, Dave and the girls for the afternoon/evening. I was *way* overdue for a visit because I hadn’t seen them in over a year. Julie, Bob and their kids came over too. I hadn’t seen the Other Julie since the baby shower for Christopher. I hadn’t seen Bob for maybe 10 years and I’d never met their kids. Geez, where does the time go??? I got some cute pictures of Christopher playing with trains and in the pool (what a miracle that was!) As usual, Dave bbq’d excellent-ness. It doesn’t matter what he cooks on the grill, it’s going to be good. Julie – I’ll be looking for the Chinese Chicken Salad at Costco today! That was really good! That evening we headed to Willows so we could be that much closer to home in the morning.

On Monday we headed home. We had a mission. We had to be at the soccer field by 4:30 for Christopher’s first soccer practice. Yes he’s three and yes he is playing soccer now. It’s designed for toddlers and there are only 4 sessions. I like it because it’s low pressure and just designed to teach them the basics like dribbling, passing, stopping the ball, and throwing overhead. He had a BLAST! Yes, I took pictures. No, they’re not up on Flickr either.

The reason this took me almost a week to post is I have other interests. I have been trying to work in my visual journal. I also started a cross-stitching project – a nativity scene, wish me luck. And, Thomas and I got to go on a date Friday night. It was a comedy performance benefit for ACS at the Wildish Theatre in Springfield. We laughed for 90 minutes! The two guys were awesome and neither one of them said the “f” word. It’s amazing – people can be funny and not swear. Novel concept! One of the guys is fighting cancer and his big dream is to be on David Letterman.

Did anyone watch the debate???

If Sarah keeps napping maybe I can get pictures uploaded to Flickr. Shhh …


6 Responses to “09/28/08 Too much to do, too much to say”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Of course Karen did listen to the debate, and I listened with a half ear…..So when are you coming to Texas?

  2. Liz Says:

    Pictures on Flickr are updated!
    Lexi – It won’t happen this year 😦

  3. Julie E Says:

    It was so much fun seeing you and your family, Liz. It is pretty amazing that we’d never met each other’s kids… and Bob and I were talking about touring middle schools today 😮

    I’m glad you had a safe drive back to OR. One of these years, we’ll make it up there for a visit…

  4. Julie Says:

    Liz, it was GREAT seeing all of you (& Julie and her family too :). I wish you didn’t live so far away. Remember when you would eat dinner with us 1-2 times/WEEK?? Thinking of cross-stitching…does Sarah have a “theme”? I made one for Christopher….(of course I didn’t DREAM you’d have TWO!!)

  5. Mary H Says:

    Week-long road trip with baby, toddler, and husband in tow? It still sounds like you had a wonderful time! Welcome back.

  6. Liz Says:

    Was it only 1-2 times a week? Sometimes I think it was more! LOL! I miss those days! We could have had you over for dinner tonight! We grilled turkey & salmon burgers. Yummy!
    Sarah is Classic Pooh as well. I am looking forward to her being in her own room so I can put up a shelf or two and display my Pooh stuff for her. My mom bought her a small lamp at Target that is Classic Pooh.
    Mary – Thomas & I survived a 5 day car trip to be sure! Had a good time visiting!

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