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10/25/08 Fall Colours October 25, 2008

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I love fall colours! Thomas wandered around our neighborhood yesterday and took a bunch of pictures. This one is my favourite. I love this tree. It’s down the street from us. I keep wanting to take my camera out and capture the amazing colours I see. But I usually leave my camera at home and I am usually trying to go somewhere.


10/23/08 A day of minor importance October 23, 2008

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Today is a day of nothing in particular, at least historically for me. My MIL is getting her ankle fused today and she should be in recovery right about now. Christopher and Sarah are at daycare, Micah is at school, Jonah is probably still sleeping (but has a class tonight), and Thomas is working on a work project for today. Provided she doesn’t bail on me again, I should be having lunch with my mother. The sun is out, but it isn’t warm.

I finally cooked my pumpkins last weekend! I bought 3 medium/smallish pumpkins when we went to Lone Pine Farms on the 11th. On Saturday I had Thomas cut the tops off and cut them in half. I scooped out the seeds (saving them for roasting of course!) and cut them into quarters. I baked them at 350 for about 45 minutes. That evening I pureed them in the food processor and then made crockpot pumpkin butter overnight. On Sunday morning it smelled so yummy in the kitchen! I couldn’t believe I found my canning supplies right where I needed them in the garage too! So on Sunday morning I canned my pumpkin butter. I LOVE canning stuff! It makes me feel so … um … historical! Like I’m doing something of value. I love growing vegetables for the same reason. I took pictures of my jars of pumpkin butter but I haven’t gotten them off of the camera.

On Saturday we ended up going back to Lone Pine farms so Micah could pick a pumpkin for carving. Our old real estate agent sends us a coupon for up to 20lbs worth of pumpkins free, so we only ended up paying for 3lbs worth of pumpkins. Nice! Unfortunately the pumpkins are still whole on the coffee table. I’ll be darned if I can remember what we did on Sunday.


10/13/08 A nice weekend October 13, 2008

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We had a nice anniversary weekend. I think it was extra nice because we didn’t do much last year since I was hugely pregnant. On Saturday we went to Bates Steak House and enjoyed a fabulous dinner! Afterwards Thomas wanted to find a hoppin’ place but nothing was going at 8pm on a Saturday. So we found Brush Fire pottery and painted pottery. I thought it was a fun and spontaneous thing! I am not sure Thomas was as impressed. Thomas made a heart vase for me and I made a little candle plate. He’ll get them on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’ll have pictures later.

Yesterday we drove to Florence and walked around Old Town all day. I found out that Florence isn’t actually on the coast, it’s on the Siuslaw river. Old Town is right at the docks and is where the good seafood restaurants are. To get to the ocean you have to go just north of town. We did that as we were leaving just so we could say we saw the ocean.

Something finally dawned on me today as I was reading how other mom-bloggers get organized for the week. They spend a good part of Sunday getting ready for their week. I am frequently not home on Sunday to get organized for the week. I squeeze in loads of laundry either in the morning before I go to work or in the evenings as I remember. I often get groceries on my lunch break. There just isn’t a lot of planning.

I did plan one thing. I am going to bake my pumpkins. We went to Lone Pine Farms with the two little ones on Saturday. Christopher picked out two tiny pumpkins for himself and I got 3 medium to smallish ones to bake. I want to make pumpkin puree. Maybe for muffins; maybe for pumpkin butter. After we got our pumpkins Christopher had loads of fun on the playground at the farm. Then we went to JC Penney to get more underwear. Like I told Julie, buy more underwear.


10/09/08 Oh! What a cute date! :-) October 9, 2008

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Well that amused me … today’s date is 10/09/08 … they’re in reverse numerical order. Ok, so I am the only one on the planet it amuses … sigh.

The observant among you may have noticed that my background theme is different again … it’s weddings. No, I am not getting married, I am already married. But Thomas and I are having our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday and I thought I’d redecorate for the occasion.

I had this really great blog post sort of composed in my head for Tuesday, but Tuesday got away from me and now it’s Thursday. It was going to be titled, “8 months and 4 weeks”. Sarah turned 8 months old on Tuesday! No, I didn’t get a picture of her and no, I didn’t weigh her either. But she did get a bath last night. We have to take our successes where ever we can find them.

The 4 weeks refers to the fact that 4 weeks from Tuesday is election day. In Oregon I think you have 5 more days to register so you can vote in the election. I have been registered to vote since I was 18 years old. I think it is important for everyone to vote. I think that Thomas and I have passed that along to Jonah (or I’d like to think it was us) and he is registered to vote. He won’t be 18 for about 2 more weeks, but he will be for the election. He is so excited to be able to vote in his first election and that his first election is a presidential election. I like seeing this excitement in a teenager! He wants to be a part of the process and he has some like-minded friends as well.

I am not a fan of October. It seems as if in the span of the last two weeks we have lost over an hour (or more) of daylight in the morning. It is now dark when I wake up and I don’t wake up all that early. The days are shorter, it’s raining, and blech. It is an effort to find the good in the day. I think it’s just the transition from summer to winter. I am mostly ok by the time November comes around. Maybe because we start planning the holiday events, or maybe I just get used to it. One of the good things I look for is the leaves on the trees. I just love the colours so I try to get my enjoyment from that when I am out and about.


10/02/08 First Dentist Appointment October 2, 2008

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Yesterday Christopher had his very first dentist appointment. He was SO good!!! There was no fussing or whining (well there was when I wouldn’t let him take out the bag of legos, but nothing about the dentist). He sat in the chair, let them put the big sun glasses on him, poke around in his mouth, polish his teeth, just everything! I’ve got a few pictures and a 14 second video up on Flickr that I took with my phone. They’re not the greatest quality but I still don’t have a short lens for my camera. The long lens would have been a bit of overkill.

In other news: I am getting a sinus infection.