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10/13/08 A nice weekend October 13, 2008

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We had a nice anniversary weekend. I think it was extra nice because we didn’t do much last year since I was hugely pregnant. On Saturday we went to Bates Steak House and enjoyed a fabulous dinner! Afterwards Thomas wanted to find a hoppin’ place but nothing was going at 8pm on a Saturday. So we found Brush Fire pottery and painted pottery. I thought it was a fun and spontaneous thing! I am not sure Thomas was as impressed. Thomas made a heart vase for me and I made a little candle plate. He’ll get them on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’ll have pictures later.

Yesterday we drove to Florence and walked around Old Town all day. I found out that Florence isn’t actually on the coast, it’s on the Siuslaw river. Old Town is right at the docks and is where the good seafood restaurants are. To get to the ocean you have to go just north of town. We did that as we were leaving just so we could say we saw the ocean.

Something finally dawned on me today as I was reading how other mom-bloggers get organized for the week. They spend a good part of Sunday getting ready for their week. I am frequently not home on Sunday to get organized for the week. I squeeze in loads of laundry either in the morning before I go to work or in the evenings as I remember. I often get groceries on my lunch break. There just isn’t a lot of planning.

I did plan one thing. I am going to bake my pumpkins. We went to Lone Pine Farms with the two little ones on Saturday. Christopher picked out two tiny pumpkins for himself and I got 3 medium to smallish ones to bake. I want to make pumpkin puree. Maybe for muffins; maybe for pumpkin butter. After we got our pumpkins Christopher had loads of fun on the playground at the farm. Then we went to JC Penney to get more underwear. Like I told Julie, buy more underwear.


4 Responses to “10/13/08 A nice weekend”

  1. Mary H Says:

    Yes, Sunday is the “get ready for the week” day. For me, it’s not as complicated as it used to be, now that there is only one kid at home.

    It starts with looking at my calendar. When I am home? What meetings do I have? What do I have to bring?
    Next I plan outfits for the week, dinner & lunch menus, and pack my various bags (library books, board meeting, writer’s group, etc.)
    Any pre-cooking or packing, I do now. That usually means making a batch of hard cooked eggs, packing a couple of containers of salad mix for lunch, baggies of cut up oranges, carrots, etc.

    Some weeks, I don’t bother with any of the above but after looking at my calendar for this week, I knew I had to.

    This week, it’s writer’s group on Monday & Classic SF book club on Tuesday. Tuesday morning there is a workshop at another school. Wednesday is a “double day”—see Mark Lewis at Barnes & Noble at 4:30 & be at church at 7. Thursday I need to wear something with sleeves I can roll up as it is Flu Shot time after work. Good thing the board meeting for Thursday night was canceled! I’ll be pooped by then!

  2. Liz Says:

    Mary, I’m exhausted just *reading* your schedule! I don’t usually have much going on other than work. It’s keeping up with the teenagers and Thomas’ schedule that takes work. I have a fill-in-able calendar on the refrigerator for them. Tomorrow is the 3rd Wednesday so I am sure Thomas has something going on, but I don’t know off the top of my head. LOL!

  3. Julie Says:

    Wow Mary, you are very organized!

    On Sundays I mostly just plan the menus for the week & write them on this cute dry erase “What’s for Dinner” board I got for a buck at Walmart. Even though I write activities on the calendar, I’ve started writing them on this “dinner board” as well, since what’s going on that day may impact what I’m able/not able to cook! For example, this week I wrote the 3 soccer practices on their appropriate days, meeting with a teacher, lunch date with a friend, working late Friday. Monday is my Costco/Safeway shopping day because I drive the big car that day. I guess I do peruse the calendar on Sundays to see if anything needs prepping. I hate rushing to do things last minute.

    Liz, where do you go on Sundays? I know that Sunday is a church day for many people, but does that last all day?

  4. Mary H Says:

    Julie, my planning looks much like yours. If I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it. I used a white board and frig calendar when all the kids were at home too. You are right on about writing activities on the dinner board. They impact how much time and energy you will have to cook. At this point, I don’t remember why but Wednesday used to be my “crockpot” day, a day when I would be too busy or wiped out to cook.

    It started when my kids were little and we had an activity almost every week night, even if we were done by 7. Menus were essential and for me, any decision that I don’t have to make in the morning is a BIG plus. Knowing what clothes to wear and what to pack for lunch makes mornings much easier for me.

    I hate forgetting and losing things, though it still happens. Having a bag, briefcase, or backpack for each activity makes life simpler for me. If I am late returning a library book, it is by choice and not because I can’t find the book. I don’t have to look for the materials for the once-a-month board meeting if it’s all in one bag.

    When my kids were little, they had lots of backpacks: school, swimming, library, taekwondo, & an activity which kept them busy while waiting for sibling’s class to be over.

    Planning outfits is another way of saying “make sure there is enough clean underwear & socks for the week.” Since it is October, I wear lots of Halloween themed clothes & earrings, etc. Working in an elementary school, it is fun to dress up ’cause the kids love it so much. But on days when I am out and about, I “dress like a grown up,” i.e., leave the Halloween sneakers in the closet and the glow in the dark earrings on the counter.

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