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11/02/08 Dear Lord Save Us! November 2, 2008

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Jonah got his driver’s license last Monday and it arrived in the mail yesterday!

Most of us are sick. We have some sort of cold. The two little kids have had it for a couple of weeks. Thomas and I have had it for a few days.

We all survived Halloween. Christopher was Thomas the Tank Engine again. He raked in the candy going out trick or treating with Micah. Now to ration it at a couple of pieces a day and he’ll be good until Easter! Micah and a friend were out trick or treating for a long time and their haul, properly rationed will last a good year or more. But when do teenagers ration candy? Who are we kidding? It’ll be gone in a week! I got a couple of picture of Christopher eyeing his candy loot but they’re on my phone so now I just need to remember to e-mail them to myself.

On the political front – we voted. We voted last week and boy did that feel good! Jonah voted too but his ballot is sitting on my desk. I want to take a picture of Jonah putting his first ballot in the drop box. It’s so exciting for him and for us that he’s taken such an interest in this process.

Just in case I don’t get back here to blog in the next week … Monday November 10th is Mary’s birthday so drop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday!