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11/13/08 Wet Wednesday November 12, 2008

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It’s only November and I’m already done with all of this rain. Rain + leaves = gooshy mess! Blech!

I am making progress on the cross stitched nativity set and my calendar pages for the 2009 calendar swap I’m in. I now have the sheep, donkey, camel (minus the beads and tassels – I forgot to do those), and baby Jesus done for the nativity set. Next up is Mary. For the calendar pages I did the map background and the calendar part. I am working on some travel stickers in Photoshop for them and I want to figure out a way to make the pages sort of look like luggage tags.

I swore I wouldn’t do it, but I caved in and joined Facebook. It’s sort of another fun way to stay connected with people. I think I sent out invitations to everyone I know who reads here. If you didn’t get one and you are DYING to join Facebook and connect to me comment here or send me an e-mail. Or just join Facebook and tell it my e-mail and it’ll find me. Jonah won’t connect to me. He disconnected himself from his dad. I don’t think he wants to admit to knowing us on Facebook. I want to find his friend Madisyn who is writing a blog while she is in Brazil being an exchange student. She posted some pictures on her Facebook that I want to see. She even had an article posted in our weekly “liberal” paper.

On Tuesday Sarah has her 9 month well baby visit. Statistic will follow! She’s a little moose but a really happy baby. Just about everything makes her smile. And I think she has more hair than Christopher does now. Christopher is such an amazing little kid. He talks constantly but when he’s not talking he’s being quite the little whiner. No one can do anything for him because Mommy has to do everything. It’s quite tiring. And we’re getting kind of tired to being told “no” at every turn. He’s also getting quite a lot of time-outs. He does things on purpose and then sobs when he gets put in a time out. I know, he’s testing, testing, testing. But you’d think he’s get the clue.

Clue phone: (ring, ring)

Christopher: Hello

Clue phone: Listen to your mommy and daddy and you will be much happier!