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12/31/08 Another year gone December 31, 2008

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Another year, 365 days (well 366 this year) … over and done with. I’m not sure how I feel about 2008 yet. There was some really bad and some really good. In general I think I prefer odd numbered years. Here are some things that I hope happen next year:

  • Thomas gets a good job
  • I survive most of graduate school
  • Jonah gets a job and goes back to school
  • Micah survives his first year of high school with grades above D
  • Our new president is able to do some of the things he campaigned about
  • This recession/depression/media created nonsense calms down and people can be realistic about their financial issues

It’s not too much to ask is it?

For those of you who don’t know, January 1st is Micah’s birthday. He will be 15 and in Oregon at 15 you can get your learner’s permit. Just warning any of you who drive in our area … be afraid, be very afraid! Well not really … I think he’ll be a good driver. We pick up the kids at 2pm at their mom’s house. I don’t have any idea what we’ll do in the afternoon, but for dinner we’re having ham. My MIL got a BOGO when she got the Christmas ham and we got her free ham! Woohoo! Not that I love ham, but Micah does. I think we’re going to have roasted potatoes and some sort of vegetable. Oh, and chocolate cake 🙂

Anyone got any ideas what to get a 15 year old for his birthday?

Happy New Year!


12/23/08 Where do you keep your dreams? December 23, 2008

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Where were we? At the dinner table I think. Christopher was regaling us with some wild story that we assumed was a dream. When I asked him if it was a dream he said no. Then Jonah asked him where he kept his dreams and Christopher responded quite seriously, “I keep them in my eyes.” What an amazing kid to come up with that.

I got Christmas cards with the annual newsletter mailed today! Woohoo! Thankfully the cards were made in years prior so all I had to do was sign them, stuff them with a newsletter into an envelope, and seal them. Last weekend I printed addresses on paper and ran them through my Xyron and made labels.

I am sort of prepared for Christmas. We have presents for everyone except Sarah. What does a 10 month old need or want? Heck if I know! It’s not like she’s going to know if she got anything. Mostly she needs to get something because Santa brings something for everyone and Christopher will notice if she doesn’t get anything. I have to wrap everything when Christopher isn’t looking. That should prove to be fun … not! Maybe he should go to daycare tomorrow for a couple of hours. We have everything we need for dinner tomorrow except for dessert. Thomas may go to Costco to get a pie this afternoon. Then again he may decide it’s not worth the hassle. Costco is so not a fun place during the holidays. I may have to punt. I think I can make pumpkin bread and cranberry orange bread for dessert. It’s not like we have any whipped cream anyway. We went to Safeway on Saturday and they were TOTALLY OUT of regular whipped cream. They had lite but who wants lite whipped cream?!? What kind of store is out of whipped cream during the holidays?!?

Thankfully I’m off tomorrow. I had to take a vacation day but it’s totally worth it! Hopefully the two little kids will realize that I’m off from work and will sleep in. But who am I kidding? They both wake up between 6:30 and 7am. There is no sleeping in for me.

Ahhh! How could I forget?!? Sunday night was the first night of Chanukah. We lit the candles and said the blessing. Jonah recited the blessing on some website called Talk Box. Whatever that is. But I coached him on the Hebrew pronunciation and he did a fairly good job. We even remembered to light the candles last night. We’re done for the rest of the holiday though … I ran out of candles. Maybe I can get to Target before the sun goes down. Doubtful though. Due to cutbacks this year Chanukah is only two nights long.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


12/14/08 And then there was poop December 14, 2008

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It finally happened! Christopher pooped in the potty! Unfortunately it was at Grandma’s house and she DIDN’T get a picture!!! This happened on Tuesday night and it hasn’t happened since. He likes to poop in his naptime pullup and the only reason he pooped on Tuesday is he didn’t get a nap.

I’m beginning to like Facebook. I can link the RSS feeds for my blog and my Flickr accounts there. The updates show up on my Wall. The thing I like best about Yahoo is my avatar. Other than that I could care less what platform this is all on. I’m waiting for Yahoo to move their blogging platform so I can export my 2 or 3 years of blogs and get them somewhere that is less lame. I am tired of having my 04/05/08 blog coming up as my most recent posting. It’s lame I tell you! I don’t know what Yahoo’s problem is with this.

For those of you (all three of you) who aren’t following me on Facebook, the last week has been huge with major life events. First we had the aforementioned poop. And second we have graduate school. On December 30th I am headed back to school! I am going for a Masters of Science in Accountancy. I should be done on Monday March 15, 2010. Sort of an auspicious day as it’s the Ides of March.

Well I was hoping to get more done during Christopher’s nap time but it sounds like he’s awake. Oh joy, probably more poop to deal with.


12/07/08 Santa! December 7, 2008

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I must first take a moment to acknowledge what today is … December 7th, the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The war is long over by a couple or three generations but I imagine that there are those who still mourn the loss of loved ones on that fateful day. A moment of silence for them …




Ok, now on to Christmas. Since Micah was with us this weekend we made it out to the mall for the 3rd annual picture with Santa. Christopher even told Santa what he wants for Christmas! Naturally it was something totally different than what he’s wanted for the last week. But hey, it’s not like Santa gives every kid what they ask for. Not to worry though, He’s well taken care of. I think my MIL bought him every thing he asked her for.

I was busy today. I started off making pumpking muffins. Then I switched to almond-orange biscotti dipped in semi-sweet chocolate. Then when we got back from Santa, I made Grandma Mary’s (not mine but Thomas’) Scottish short bread. Somewhere in there I got a pork loin (on sale at Safeway for $1.99/lb!!!) into the crock pot. We had burritos for dinner. I don’t think there was a scrap of pork left!

While Christopher was napping, after Santa, I convinced Thomas & the teenagers to not only bring the tree in from outside, but to put the lights on too! Woot! I’ve got blink-ling and twinkling going on here!!!

There’s laundry in the dryer, Sarah is finally asleep and everyone else went to church. I think I’m going to put my feet up and try to finish the backstitching on Joseph.

P.S. Today is Sarah’s 10 month birthday 🙂