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12/14/08 And then there was poop December 14, 2008

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It finally happened! Christopher pooped in the potty! Unfortunately it was at Grandma’s house and she DIDN’T get a picture!!! This happened on Tuesday night and it hasn’t happened since. He likes to poop in his naptime pullup and the only reason he pooped on Tuesday is he didn’t get a nap.

I’m beginning to like Facebook. I can link the RSS feeds for my blog and my Flickr accounts there. The updates show up on my Wall. The thing I like best about Yahoo is my avatar. Other than that I could care less what platform this is all on. I’m waiting for Yahoo to move their blogging platform so I can export my 2 or 3 years of blogs and get them somewhere that is less lame. I am tired of having my 04/05/08 blog coming up as my most recent posting. It’s lame I tell you! I don’t know what Yahoo’s problem is with this.

For those of you (all three of you) who aren’t following me on Facebook, the last week has been huge with major life events. First we had the aforementioned poop. And second we have graduate school. On December 30th I am headed back to school! I am going for a Masters of Science in Accountancy. I should be done on Monday March 15, 2010. Sort of an auspicious day as it’s the Ides of March.

Well I was hoping to get more done during Christopher’s nap time but it sounds like he’s awake. Oh joy, probably more poop to deal with.


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  1. Julie Says:

    I am SO glad that ended up being a photo of the cat & not the poop!

    Graduate school? You are addicted girl!

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