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02/24/09 Pity Party February 24, 2009

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I am not usually like this but I am throwing myself a huge blowout of a pity party. And hey, it’s Mardi Gras so what better excuse for a party, even it if is a pity party.

What the f*ck?!? This whole situation f*cking sucks!!! Thomas has been unemployed since July. I am unemployed. My f*cking leg is broken and now I need surgery on it. Have I had such a fabulous life that all of this sh*t needs to happen now???

How about a little whine at the party? My leg hurts, my butt hurts (remember I fell on it in January of 2008 and it’s still not 100% better) and I am so f*cking bored from sitting on the sofa for 4 days! Jonah thoughtfully loaned me his laptop while he is out with a friend so I can check my e-mail and blog about my stupid day.

I would complain about it raining but we’re very short on rain right now so I’ll just keep my mouth shut about that.

I can’t think of anything else to complain about in public so I’ll just leave you with this … my leg hurts!!!


02/21/09 When you do something stupid … February 21, 2009

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… you get hurt. I tell Christopher that all of the time and what happens? Mommy gets hurt! I was walking down the three measly steps from the kitchen to the garage and totally missed the last step. I tried to stop with my right foot and managed to crack the top of my fibula then I came down on my left foot and sprained that ankle. So Thomas and I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at Urgent Care. We have some cool digital images of the break and he put one up on his profile on Facebook. My left ankle is in an air brace and my right leg is in a couple of large ace bandages. I will be calling our local orthopedic centre on Monday to see if they will need to do anything else to it.

In the mean time Jonah and Thomas are taking great care of me and the kids. I am sort of stuck on the sofa for a little while as moving my right leg is very difficult.

I am really pissed that this had to happen, on so many levels. I hate being relatively worthless. I have too much to do to be stuck on the sofa! I was having such a great afternoon too. I’d just found out that I have a phone interview next Wednesday. That was such a highlight to my afternoon. And my cousin’s wife was here with a friend of hers and we went to lunch with them and my mom.

Updates will probably show up on Facebook faster than they will here. Jonah kindly is loaning me his laptop to type this. Hopefully I can borrow it to go to school too. I have papers due every Monday for the next six weeks. I finished my first class this last Monday and started a new one on Tuesday.


02/09/09 One Year Old Stats February 9, 2009

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Today was the day for Sarah’s one year well baby visit so (drum roll please) here they are:

Height – 31.5 inches

Weight – 27.8 pounds

Head circumference – 18.75 inches

Percentile – 98th

If I were smart I would have looked up Christopher’s 1 year stats *before* I started this. I hope I recorded them here. I’ll look them up later and edit this post.

[edited to add] Here are the stats I posted for Christopher on his 1st birthday …

Let’s see, he’s 31+ inches long, 23+lbs, and his head is 19+ inches in circumference. I think his head is in the 90th percentile. His weight is between the 50th and 75th percentile (it’s hard to tell on those stupid charts) and his height is between the 75th and 90th percentile.

So she’s a little taller than he was at one, almost 5 pounds heavier, but he had a bigger head. She’s going to beat the crap out of him when she’s older.

[edited to add] I found my stats at 1 year  …

Height: 29″
Weight: 22lbs 14.25ozs

Today has been a strange day. I thought being unemployed would be like it was when I was on maternity leave. But when I was on leave I still had to work. Now I don’t and I am feeling sort of aimless. There is loads to do around here but … well I don’t know. Let’s see, we took Sarah to the doctor, I did some job searching on-line, I made breakfast, I walked the in-law’s dog, we went to the store to get Thomas a new pair of jeans and now I am back at the computer. In an hour or so I need to start dinner. I need to remember I have a school assignment due today too. Gah!


02/04/09 A cool thing February 4, 2009

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Happy Birthday to me, one day late. As far as birthdays go it was neither good nor bad. I stayed home sick from work because I was … sick. But Thomas made us brunch and it was delicious. I got a bottle of nail polish in what I would consider a wild colour for me. It’s Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. And I got Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book which is a compilation of four or five of her cookbooks. And it’s orange.

I was reading a blog, like that’s something new, and came across this cool thing

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