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02/09/09 One Year Old Stats February 9, 2009

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Today was the day for Sarah’s one year well baby visit so (drum roll please) here they are:

Height – 31.5 inches

Weight – 27.8 pounds

Head circumference – 18.75 inches

Percentile – 98th

If I were smart I would have looked up Christopher’s 1 year stats *before* I started this. I hope I recorded them here. I’ll look them up later and edit this post.

[edited to add] Here are the stats I posted for Christopher on his 1st birthday …

Let’s see, he’s 31+ inches long, 23+lbs, and his head is 19+ inches in circumference. I think his head is in the 90th percentile. His weight is between the 50th and 75th percentile (it’s hard to tell on those stupid charts) and his height is between the 75th and 90th percentile.

So she’s a little taller than he was at one, almost 5 pounds heavier, but he had a bigger head. She’s going to beat the crap out of him when she’s older.

[edited to add] I found my stats at 1 year  …

Height: 29″
Weight: 22lbs 14.25ozs

Today has been a strange day. I thought being unemployed would be like it was when I was on maternity leave. But when I was on leave I still had to work. Now I don’t and I am feeling sort of aimless. There is loads to do around here but … well I don’t know. Let’s see, we took Sarah to the doctor, I did some job searching on-line, I made breakfast, I walked the in-law’s dog, we went to the store to get Thomas a new pair of jeans and now I am back at the computer. In an hour or so I need to start dinner. I need to remember I have a school assignment due today too. Gah!