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02/21/09 When you do something stupid … February 21, 2009

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… you get hurt. I tell Christopher that all of the time and what happens? Mommy gets hurt! I was walking down the three measly steps from the kitchen to the garage and totally missed the last step. I tried to stop with my right foot and managed to crack the top of my fibula then I came down on my left foot and sprained that ankle. So Thomas and I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at Urgent Care. We have some cool digital images of the break and he put one up on his profile on Facebook. My left ankle is in an air brace and my right leg is in a couple of large ace bandages. I will be calling our local orthopedic centre on Monday to see if they will need to do anything else to it.

In the mean time Jonah and Thomas are taking great care of me and the kids. I am sort of stuck on the sofa for a little while as moving my right leg is very difficult.

I am really pissed that this had to happen, on so many levels. I hate being relatively worthless. I have too much to do to be stuck on the sofa! I was having such a great afternoon too. I’d just found out that I have a phone interview next Wednesday. That was such a highlight to my afternoon. And my cousin’s wife was here with a friend of hers and we went to lunch with them and my mom.

Updates will probably show up on Facebook faster than they will here. Jonah kindly is loaning me his laptop to type this. Hopefully I can borrow it to go to school too. I have papers due every Monday for the next six weeks. I finished my first class this last Monday and started a new one on Tuesday.