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My first post on WordPress July 14, 2009

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I’ve been having the weirdest feeling lately that I am living in a parallel universe while I am living here. My mind has glimpses of things I am doing while I am doing whatever I am currently doing. The bummer is they are minute, fraction of a second flashes that do not give me enough time to savor them. I am curious to know what else I am capable of doing, or at least what my parallel self is capable of doing. Sometimes I think they are not a parallel self but a who I was in another time. Maybe that explains my desire to go to Africa, not Africa now but Africa as it was in 1913. A part of me would like to live where there is no technology … toilets yes, internet no. I think this is why I like growing vegetables. I miss having a plot of earth that produces food. Not that I have a green thumb or anything but I enjoyed planting seeds and seedlings, watering them, and watching them grow. At the moment we don’t have enough sun in any one area, save the bottom of the driveway in an odd triangular spot, to grow much of anything besides herbs and lettuce. Thomas says we would have more sun if we cut down a couple of the fir trees.They’re a danger to our house because they are old and getting unstable. We just don’t have the money to do it right now.

The word random keeps coming up in conversation. Random events; something is random; and I finally remembered the phrase, random walk. It was mentioned in a talk that also mentioned critical mass. I remembered critical mass but couldn’t remember the random walk theory (I think it was a theory.) One blogger/artist I follow doesn’t like the word random any more because it is overused. I don’t know that I agree with her but I really like her because she likes Trader Joe’s as much, if not more, than I do.

I’ve been wondering if Facebook and/or Twitter have eliminated my desire to keep up a blog. I think it’s more about not having a lot to say. I hate to sound like a cliche but I think having kids sucks the life out of you in some respects. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a SAHM or a WOHM but the fact that kids need 100% of your attention 100% of the time, especially when they’re little. The only things my brain has been able to come up with are short Facebook status updates. Talking in 140 characters on Twitter has been NO problem! I think that’s why I feel like the creativity has been sucked out of me too. Mary came over a couple of weeks ago and we made easy books. It was fun but … meh. I didn’t derive the same joy out of it like I used to. Can you find your mojo? Or does it have to find you? How do you find it our how do you put yourself in its path so it finds you? Man, I don’t even want to plan Christopher’s birthday party on Sunday. I started though. I have plates, cups, napkins, goodie bag, some goodies and I know where to buy the cake. I really do not like dealing things that have logistics issues. What is up with that?

Non-sequiter … we watched two lame movies on Lifetime yesterday, 7 things to do before I’m 30 and Maneater both made for TV. The first one was cute and a nice bit of fluff for a stormy Sunday afternoon. The second one was all over the map but I kept watching it because I like Sarah Chalke. She’s really funny or maybe she has a good sense of comedic timing. Thomas objected when we started watching a third movie … something with Heather Locklear trying to play someone just turning 40. It was one of those “cougar” movies. Someone ended up turning off the tv. Good thing too.

[Later] I wrote this post a couple of days ago but am now just getting around to posting it. Yesterday I noticed the word “random” used at least 6 times last night. Very strange …


2 Responses to “My first post on WordPress”

  1. Mary Says:

    It’s good to see you blogging again. Yes, kids do take up all your time and energy. You do get some of it back eventually but you have a few years to go. I know that you were also unhappy with Yahoo 360 and hope that Word Press is more satisfying.

    Facebook is good for keeping in touch and knowing what your friends are up to but I want more. I saw a quote recently that I liked. “Sometimes there is more lack of communication in facile talk then there is in silence.” It’s harder to find a place where friends can talk about a topic on anything but a superficial level.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. There are many that I follow that I truly enjoy but so many that are simply sale pitches. My “follow” list changes often but there is a core group that stays. I’m finding that I rarely post on Twitter and have decided that tying it to Facebook is a waste of other people’s time.

  2. Rhonda Says:

    No it isn’t just having kids cause my artist/creative mojo is gone lately too and I don’t have little ones around the house — although I might argue that teaching middle school zaps ones mojo sure as anything.

    I had a lot of ideas for this summer but it has mostly been just a summer of sleeping and renewal. Should have been more of a summer of weight loss too but wasn’t — oh well, it is what it is…

    You are still the most creative and wonderful sister I know so there!

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