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What I am expected to know July 15, 2009

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When I was single I was expected to know about my life and my cat’s life. Not too difficult. I had my condo/house, I had a job, I had Julie & Dave (and the girls) … mostly that was it. I did family stuff occasionally. I did stuff with my son’s godparents sometimes (they were friends of mine *way* before I got married). But still mostly that was it. I had one checking account, one car, one pet, one job and again that was mostly it. I felt pretty smart that I could keep on top of all of that.

Fast forward to now. Someone at work asked me if Thomas was joining my mom and me for lunch. I said no because he had a “thing” in Pleasant Hill. Our Exec Admin looked at me like I was mental and said, “Thing?” I said, “Yeah, “thing”.” It was too hard to explain. Thomas is involved with a lot of organizations and goes to various meetings, training, and the like. Half of the time I don’t even know what the event is about. Rather than have to explain this, I just say he’s at a “thing”. It’s my word.

Now that Jonah is out of high school I don’t even bother to track what he’s up to. The only thing I need to know is will he be home for dinner and is he cooking? If someone want’s to know where he is, in my world he is either “in” or “out”. He is usually “out”. If he is “out” it is not up to me to know where he is.

Micah was only involved in band this last school year so I only needed to know about regular school events and band events, not that I went to anything. I am the “stay home” parent because of the little kids. Thomas went to his events. But I still needed to know about them. There were band concerts, events the band played at, and band fundraisers along with the usual school events.

Christopher usually spends two nights a week at my in-law’s house. They love him and he loves them. And we save some money on daycare. It’s a win-win-win for us. But he doesn’t always go on the same day and then there are times I have to coordinate where he gets dropped off. In the fall and spring there are four weeks of soccer each. And nap time, let us not forget about nap time. That has to be planned into the weekend. Thankfully he is old enough so if he misses a nap occasionally it won’t kill us. We may want to kill ourselves, but that passes.

Sarah just has daycare and naps. But since I’m me I just started a spreadsheet to keep track of the words she knows. I have one for Christopher too. I don’t keep that up but it was nice to see the upward progression of vocabulary.

We have a house with a front and back yard, 4 bank accounts plus the kids’ accounts, two cars, two pets, and I have a job. And people wonder why I don’t know what day of the week it is or where my husband is. I think I’m doing pretty well because at least I know where I am!


2 Responses to “What I am expected to know”

  1. Mary Says:

    I love this! This is why I fell in love Calendar Creator Plus. It was the only way to keep track of who had to be where & when. The worst was when the kids were in three different schools and I worked at a fourth school. No one “after school” day was the same.

    Sometimes I think of Rosanne Barr’s line: if the kids are still alive at the end of the day & the house hasn’t burned down, I’ve done my job.

  2. Julie G. Says:

    Ah, Liz…welcome to my world. There were times years ago I’d look over at Dave during some crazy moment and say, “I bet Liz is lying in bed watching her soap (opera) tapes”! Hahahaha. You are doing great. It will calm down again…eventually. I always remember my mom telling me to enjoy the craziness because one day it would be quiet and I’d miss it all.

    In between the orthodontist & other doctor appointments, cello lessons, constant practices and games for 1-2 sports at a time, 2 schools (w/10-12 teachers), teen driving practice, aging mother, work, house, garden, socializing, ETC… I try to remind myself that she’s likely right.

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