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Christopher’s 4th Birthday – sorta late July 29, 2009

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I wrote this last Monday and I am just now getting around to posting it …

Christopher is having so much fun with his birthday! But I don’t think he even gets the fact that it is the anniversary of the day he was born. First he kept saying that Sunday was his birthday because he had a little party in the park with one of his daycare friends. We kept trying to tell him that his birthday is Monday. But he has very little sense of the passing of time. Everything is still “s’morning” even if it is a year ago. We’ve been having fun spreading out the gifts. He got one present from his buddy at the park right after lunch. Then right before bed he got his pressies from Auntie Rhonda. This morning he got pressies from us. And tonight he’ll get more from GramE, grandma & grandpa, and Micah. I think this helps him remember who gave him things.

I just shared this with a co-worker …

Rhonda and I had just gotten out of the car and were heading towards the house when she said, “Oh my god!” I was all, “What???”, thinking something was stolen or broken, and her response was, “Your hair is grey!” It’s always nice when your *older* sister comments on your grey hair! Where’ve you been for the last 18 years?!? Granted I did henna my hair for a long time but the last time I henna’d my hair was *before* Christopher was born! And since she visits every summer, you’d think she’d notice before now. Jonah gave me some henna for my birthday a couple of years ago. Maybe I’ll have to find 4 or 5 hours and colour my hair. Or maybe I’ll have a nap. Or maybe I’ll do both or neither.

[end of pre-written stuff]

As part of Christopher’s birthday present every year he gets to go to the doctor for his annual checkup and torture shots. He was such a trooper when he got shots, especially since the second one was … gah, I can’t even think about it! So we gave him a choice for a treat … a donut or ice cream. Donut it is! He loves chocolate donuts with sprinkles.

Here are his stats:

Height – 44.5 inches which puts him in the 99th percentile
Weight – 42.4 lbs which puts him in the 88th percentile

In case you have been living under a rock, which given this heat might be a good idea, it is damn hot here in the Pacific Northwest! We have been having triple digit temperatures for DAYS! I nearly melted when I was outside eating lunch. Last night we took Sarah to the McKenzie river to cool off and get out of the house. I have to say that sitting in a river that is probably about 60 degrees does wonders to offset the 108 degree temperatures! We ate KFC for dinner (those honey BBQ snackers are good) and fresh picked blackberries for dessert (thanks honey!) Sarah’s favorite thing to do is lick wet rocks. Gross. Hopefully we can do this again this evening because it is just damn hot outside!