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Why do I blog? July 31, 2009

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There has been a lot of chatter out on the internet on why people blog, blogging with integrity, and the like. Some of it is tied to the big women’s blogging conference that took place last weekend in Chicago, BlogHer. All of that talk got me thinking … (shut up you!) … why do I blog? Writing has never been my forte, or so I thought. I have been in the accounting profession since I started college. One doesn’t normally associate accountants with writing. Now this is not to say that I consider myself a “writer”. I consider myself a “blogger”, or one who keeps a web log. It is more a stream of consciousness than a concerted effort to tell a specific story. Be thankful that you don’t get everything that rolls around in my head.

So back to the story … in 1994 I got on e-mail. Let’s bow our heads in silence for a moment because CompuServe is officially gone. I thought e-mail was cool because I could communicate with people but not in real time. This was handy when I was travelling a lot. Unfortunately in the beginning not a lot of people had e-mail. Regardless, I could compose e-mail, hence my ability to write something. Fast forward nine years and I am back in school to get that damn degree and I have to write paper after paper after paper after paper. I got A’s on most, if not all of them. Ok, accounting isn’t exactly the most exciting subject matter but I could string a bunch of sentences together and have them all make sense. At some point I felt like I had something to say. I also wanted to chronicle part of Christopher’s life because the scrapbooking thing wasn’t going anywhere (I still don’t have baby books for either him or Sarah!). Then there was keeping in touch with friends and family. Not that I have a bazillion friends but it was hard to keep up with the few that I have.

When Yahoo came out with their 360 environment I was intrigued and in January 2006 (according to the oldest post from the WordPress list) I stuck my toe into the waters of blogging. My sister was the first person to comment on my blog. Thomas was the second. Over the last three years most of my friends started reading. Some read every post, others drop in from time-to-time. But that seems to be how friendships are; some people you see a lot and others less frequently. I think it’s kind of cool that I can write this here one post and it’s available for everyone to read and comment on.

There were some good conversations in the comment section of my blog when it was on Yahoo. Some of that transferred to Facebook, which is nice because friends I know from different aspects of my life have been able to meet one another virtually.

There is also a lot of talk out there on the internet that Facebook and Twitter will make blogs vanish. I don’t think so. While there are a whole bunch of people I follow on Twitter and Facebook because I read their blogs, there are a whole bunch who have nothing to do with my blogging world. Some are political (yeah strange, right?) and some are local people & businesses. To me Facebook is more of a community and my blog is where I can dump my brain into little electrons. So while my blog is a way for me to get things out of my head, it is also for you, my friends (and my sister), to stay connected with me even though I am 500 miles away from most of you. It’s for Mary because I can’t get my ass across town, which is lame but thank goodness she understands!

I probably need to stick a bunch of paragraph separators in this post but WordPress only lets you see six lines at a time and I am too dang lazy to preview this and then format it. [After posting] Damn, that really sucks. Ok, I put some paragraphs in it. I think it looks a little better.


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  1. I don’t think Twitter and Facebook will phase out blogging. Blogging is too fun. It also lets you say a lot more than they will.

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