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I’m a soccer mom, look out! August 12, 2009

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I am officially a soccer mom. I now drive a mommy van and my kid plays soccer. I think Julie is laughing her ass off right about now too. Less than ten years ago I was carefree, single, driver of a … well a four door sedan. Hey all of my friends were over 30 and it was hard for them to cram into a Celica! I must admit that it is nice to be able to hold the entire family (and associated stuff) in one vehicle. However, I keep calling it a “car” and Christopher keeps correcting me that it’s a “van”. You know in that condescending tone only a four year old can do. Nice … thanks kid! I really wouldn’t mind a pair of Birkenstocks though.

This is sort of a non-sequiter … the famous bloggers I read say that they don’t read their blog stats, it either inflates their egos or totally depresses them. On the Wordpad dashboard it has the stats and I like to check them out. Hey, yesterday THREE people read my blog! And a couple of weeks ago EIGHT people read it! And about a month ago THIRTY TWO people read it!!! I didn’t think I knew 32 people who cared about what I write.

So who knows where to get those cool stick figure stickers that I can put on the rear window of my mommy van???


3 Responses to “I’m a soccer mom, look out!”

  1. Julie G. Says:

    Yes, I am laughing my ass off as I pass the torch to you and drive off in my BMW 🙂 Actually, who am I kidding, I have a few more years of being “soccer/lacrosse/softball mom”, but at least I don’t drive a van .

    Here are some decals:

    No, I can’t vouch for the site, we don’t do decals.

  2. Julie E. Says:

    You can count me reading this, today. Although, I think I haven’t read your blog since Yahoo went wacko.

    We had a van, now a car. Miss the van, car is okay. My kids don’t play soccer though – or any sports at the moment. Liked being able to carpool with friends and their kids though.

  3. Soccer is the reason minivans were created !! LOL

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