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Seventh Anniversary October 19, 2009

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As you may or may not know, last Monday was Thomas’ and my seventh wedding anniversary. On the off chance that you’re not one of my six regular readers, here are pictures of that lovely day (scroll to the bottom for the wedding and reception pictures).

 About a year and a half ago we tried this restaurant, Bates Steakhouse, and really liked it. It’s in an old house with lots of funky rooms. Naturally the decor is very western but there are some fun elements they’ve done. The first time we went they were having an outdoor barbeque where the special was choosing the thickness of your ribeye steak. The guy doing the grilling cooked them to perfection! The dinner comes with a yummy vegetable soup in a cast iron spider. You get salsa and black beans to add to it and it is really good! Then you get a small salad. The salad isn’t much but it makes you feel like you got some vegetables. You get your main course and it comes with a cast iron skillet of rice pilaf and potatoes. Then you get either a rootbeer float or an after dinner liquor.

Their drink specials were Mango Margaritas or Mango Mojitos. Yum! I love mangos, really love mangos and tequila, and actively dislike mint! So of course I had a margarita!

Mango Margarita!

Mango Margarita!

Thomas ordered the prime rib and I ordered a ribeye (my favourite steak cut!) with a skewer of grilled bacon wrapped shrimp.

Ribeye steak with grilled bacon wrapped shrimp!

Ribeye steak with grilled bacon wrapped shrimp!

I suppose I could have taken pictures of the soup, potatoes, and the triple chocolate cake we had for dessert but I didn’t. I almost forgot to take a picture of the steak!

We were so full after dinner that we didn’t even bother to wander around downtown like we normally do if we have a babysitter (thanks Jonah!) So we just went home. (burp)


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  1. Denae Says:

    Late congrats on 7 years! I look forward to 7 years with Kingsley. Time flies! I’ve never been to Bates but hey, they have Mango Margaritas? I’ll def have to try it.

  2. Denae Says:

    Awww. Sorry to take up space on your blog but Wow! Your wedding was gorgeous. Love the wedding cake. Such a pretty design and the ribbons in your hair – so romantic!

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