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Forty Four February 4, 2010

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Yesterday was my forty fourth birthday (cue balloons and confetti). Was it a “good” birthday? I don’t know. What constitutes a “good” birthday as opposed to a “bad” birthday? For most people on the planet it’s just another day and life goes on as usual. The biggest difference for me was the plethora of people wishing me Happy Birthday. Here are the events of the day:

Thomas brought coffee to my desk. Mom took me out for lunch (Thomas came too). We had sushi at the new place in Oakway Center, Mio Sushi. While the food was very good and our waitress Alyisa was awesome,  the decor just did not fit with what I feel like a Japanese restaurant normally looks like.  I had a job interview. For those of you wondering how it went, it went fine. They’re interviewing people through next week so I won’t hear for a while. We had the remaining piece of rib roast left over from CowFest 2009, otherwise known as Christmas Eve. I made Crash Hot Potatoes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks site and I roasted some vegetables. Unfortunately due to time constraints I had to buy a birthday cake. I know, I know … I usually make my own. But that whole job interview thing sort of messed up the timing of my day. I’ll make cupcakes for Sarah’s birthday on Sunday. There are pictures of the cake ceremony, but they’re on the laptop which is with Thomas somewhere downtown. I’ll edit this sometime to add a picture or two.

So mom’s lunch was her present to me. My sister got me a subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors, a magazine she turned me on to. And Thomas and the kids got me salt and pepper grinders and nail polish.

[edited to add]And a really awesome King Estate Pinot Gris! Thanks D!

For any of my six readers who live in Eugene, we’re having a tweetup for lunch at King Estates on Sunday. All are welcome!


4 Responses to “Forty Four”

  1. Mary Says:

    You’re celebrating Sarah’s birthday at King Estates Winery??

  2. Liz Says:

    LOL! No, we’re celebrating mine with some Twitter tweeps at King Estates. You’re welcome to join us. We can drive you out if you can get to our house.

    We’ll celebrate Sarah’s at dinnertime … oh, and you’re welcome to join us then too!

  3. Julie G. Says:

    What is a “twitter tweep”

    • Liz Says:

      You know what twitter is, right? Well in the land of twitter new words are created by replacing the first letter or two with “tw” so a tweep is a twitter peep (people).

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